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VOTE: Where do you go when it’s time to update your record collection? Let us know what are your favourite record stores.

Are you an electronic music enthusiast, a devoted vinyl collector or a discerning selector? If so, you definitely know that the world of music is vast, with many record stores that house the heartbeat of our global electronic soundscapes in almost all major cities. While there are thousands of shops to choose from, here we focus on those venues that strongly resonate with the rhythms and textures of house, microhouse, deep house, tech house, techno, minimal techno and closely related genres, as presented in our featured list here.

These hallowed spaces are not mere stores, they are sonic sanctuaries where every vinyl record holds the promise of a transcendental musical experience while some of them also host regular podcasts or live transmissions with mixing sessions by various guest artists.

Now, it’s time to cast your VOTE and choose your favourite Record Stores worldwide.

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Support your local venues and keep the vinyl spinning. Your passion keeps the music alive and these record stores are the heartbeat of the international electronic music community.

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