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This Friday we invite xhalyl to deliver the grooves, a rising Tunisian artist who will warm you up for the upcoming weekend.

Khalil Troudi aka xhalyl is a Tunisian DJ with a lifelong passion for electronic music. Over the course of several years, he immersed himself in various genres and styles until discovering his preferred ones, namely minimal techno, microhouse and ROminimal. His creative drive stems from the vast world of musical instruments, where he finds solace in the delicate melodies of the piano, the captivating sound of the guitar, the pulsating rhythm of drums and an array of percussive elements.

xhalyl draws profound inspiration from record labels that have pushed the boundaries of minimal music, acting as platforms for pioneering artists. Esteemed labels such as Zebra Rec., Fidull, Not Allowed and many others consistently serve as wellsprings of motivation for him. His quest for exploration knows no bounds as he continuously delves deeper into the realm of energetic, percussion-driven, atmospheric sounds and groovy basslines. Through these elements, he crafts an unparalleled and immersive experience on the dancefloor.

“This set was recorded at My Li recording studio and includes a selection of inspiring tracks from labels such as Dubøka Records, Sendero, Yellow Wax and many more that I’ve been listening to in the last couple of weeks.”


feeder sound 419 mixed by xhalyl delivers a well-balanced and steady-paced sonic journey into the realms of minimal techno and microhouse. The selection maintains a dynamic tempo throughout, being focused on the specific intricacies and hypnotic melodies of the genres, so adjust the volume of your speakers and enjoy the ride.

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Words by AndreiB
Photos by Anca / Feral Studio

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