Benjamin Philippe Zulauf – In a Sea of Random Noise EP [Hummingbird by BPZ]

Benjamin Philippe Zulauf – In a Sea of Random Noise EP [Hummingbird by BPZ]

Benjamin Philippe Zulauf – “In a Sea of Random Noise” EP [Hummingbird by BPZ]

Benjamin Philippe Zulauf is a house music artist who presents a deep and analogue three-track EP titled In a Sea of Random Noise. The release is a fusion of analogue synths and raw percussion, and all of the tracks have a dance floor-orientated energy.

The release is out on Benjamin Philippe Zulauf’s own record label Hummingbird by BPZ, but his music can also be found on other imprints such as Claap Rec, Vekton Black and Fourier Transform. There is a timeless sound to this release, which is reminiscent of other artists such as Fred P and Larry Heard aka Mr Fingers. The package has already proven popular with DJs ranging from Laurent Garnier to Truncate, and it’s hard to pick a favourite track.

A Light That Never Goes Out” opens the release with ethereal pads stretched over an acid bassline and bumping percussion rhythms. Majestically unfolding with a dazzling array of ethereal sounds, the track has a trippy and uplifting vibe.

Next up, “Kai Groove” is an experimental track which transitions from the clattering flow of the intro into a smooth outro section where the pads take centre stage. This is a confident track that has menacing bass stabs and tumbling percussion rhythms underpinning the intensity of the groove.

Redheads” brings the release to a close with rippling synths and soaring pads that are layered over fast-paced percussion rhythms. It’s an epic track that will get a dance floor waving their hands in the air while the percussion has them stamping their feet.

Get the release HERE.

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