premiere: Fedo – Laci EP incl Rozin remix [Atrium]

Fedo - Laci EP incl Rozin remix [Atrium]

Fedo – Laci EP incl Rozin remix [Atrium]

Atrium, the Amsterdam-based record label and events collective has recently unveiled its first EP titled “Laci“. This captivating release features three masterful originals by Ukrainian-Greek producer Fedo, showcasing his rich musical universe and diverse range of moods. Adding to the allure of this EP is the contribution of Berlin-based artist Rozin, known for his groove-laden sound and mastery of analog richness.

Fedo - Laci EP incl Rozin remix [Atrium]

Fedo‘s journey through the realms of electronic music is marked by a diverse array of tracks and remixes, each bearing his unique imprint of musical mastery. From the analogue warmth of vinyl releases on labels like Engineer, Artreform, Razom, TwoTone, Same Mind, BodyParts, Micronica, Evaporate and Juuz, to the digital landscapes of Bandcamp self-releases, Fedo’s sonic footprint is as varied as it is captivating.

One of Fedo‘s notable collaborations includes the mesmerising “Star Worms” with Silat Beksi, a testament to his ability to weave intricate sonic tapestries that captivate listeners and transport them to otherworldly realms.

Fedo - Laci EP incl Rozin remix [Atrium]

Berlin-based artist Rozin, known for his strong groove-laden sound, plays at renowned venues across Europe – most recently Club der Visionäre (Berlin), Nordstern (Basel), and Yellow House (Amsterdam) along with regular spots at Berlin’s legendary Golden Gate. Mastering his sound over the last few years, keep an eye out for further Rozin releases in 2024.

Rozin‘s remix infuses Fedo’s “Rio de 13” with depth and dynamism, offering listeners a fresh perspective on the track. 

Through this EP, Atrium builds up its reputation as a supplier of cutting-edge underground electronic music. With residents like Kahru, Jerome.c, IAGO, and Albert Azar, Atrium provides a platform for artists to come together, collaborate, and celebrate the boundless creativity of the underground.

Download your copy of Laci EP at Bandcamp.

Artists: Fedo, Rozin
Title: Laci EP
Label: Atrium
Cat. number: ATR001
Release date: 17.04.2024
Format: Digital
Mastering: RV Audio
Artwork: Aboutblanc-nl

Words by ubic & nwt

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