Santi – Donde Esta Mi Parka EP incl Nu Zau, JNJS, iO (Mulen) remixes [Sounds of Sirius]

Santi - Donde Esta Mi Parka EP, incl Nu Zau, JNJS, iO (Mulen) remixes [Sounds of Sirius]

Santi – Donde Esta Mi Parka EP, incl Nu Zau, JNJS, iO (Mulen) remixes [Sounds of Sirius]

In a celebration of new talent and underground innovation, Sounds of Sirius unveils its eighth release, spotlighting Chilean producer and rising star, Santi. The Chilean record label based in New Zealand, Sounds of Sirius, expands its catalogue that contain amazing tracks and remixes from Etro Hahn, Herck, Swoy, Vid, Guy From Downstairs, Giuliano Lomonte, userUNKNWN, Silat Beksi, Denis Kaznacheev, Herman Saiz, Tripmastaz, Venda, Mihai Pol, Nibaaldo, Last Pines, Enzo Leep and introduces audiences to fresh talent.

With his debut EP, “Donde esta mi parka,” Santi introduces listeners to a captivating blend of frequencies and a profound love for the art of record collecting.

Nicolás Santibáñez, known by his artist name Santi, hails from Santiago, Chile, and his musical journey is deeply rooted in minimalism with a touch of house music influences. From the outset, Santi has dedicated himself to merging various electronic sub-genres, carving out his unique sound while harbouring aspirations to venture into film soundtracks. Currently, he is poised to launch his record label, with a focus on vinyl releases, slated to debut later in 2024.

“Donde esta mi parka” serves as Santi‘s premier vinyl, delivering a track steeped in minimal inspirations and propelled by dynamic rhythms and breakbeat elements. The EP marks the eighth instalment of Sounds of Sirius, a testament to the label’s commitment to nurturing emerging talent and pushing sonic boundaries.

Santi’s EP features stellar remixes from industry heavyweights. Romanian producer Nu Zau infuses his remix with trademark groove, while JNJS (Jay Nortown & Jacobo Saavedra) add layers of complexity and depth. Ukrainian talent iO (Mulen) contributes a remix that explores new sonic territories, completing a diverse and captivating line-up.

With the forthcoming launch of Santi’s debut vinyl EP, listeners are invited to embark on a remarkable journey! 🔊

Santi - Donde Esta Mi Parka EP, incl Nu Zau, JNJS, iO (Mulen) remixes [Sounds of Sirius]

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Artists: Santi, Nu Zau, JNJS (Jay Nortown & Jacobo Saavedra), iO (Mulen)
Title: Donde Esta Mi Parka EP
Label: Sounds of Sirius
Cat. number: SOSNZ008
Release date: 17.04.2024
Format: Vinyl-only

Words by ubic & nwt

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