Mihai Pol – Atipic Lab 018 [AtipicLab]

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Mihai Pol - Atipic Lab 018 [AtipicLab] side a

Mihai Pol – Atipic Lab 018 [AtipicLab]

The next instalment in Atipic‘s renowned AtipicLab series comes from Mihai Pol who delivers two fresh and inspiring tracks perfect for the dancefloor. Launched back in 2018, this series runs in parallel with the label’s main releases and features outstanding minimal techno and microhouse music signed by Arapu, Faster, Floog, Cosmjn, Vlad Arapasu, VincentIulian, Aparte & Dan Blatov, Direkt, Lizz, Dumitrescu, Livio & Roby, Dinu, Sublee and Andu Simion.

With a substantial discography and numerous performances under his belt, local DJ and producer Mihai Pol is well-known for his relentless activity in the underground electronic music scene. His latest drops on Wonderground, Caposile Music, Aurum, RTC Series and Abartik surely complement his independent releases on Bandcamp and this record definitely delivers the vibes, adding even more magic to his experience as well as to the label’s growing catalogue of modern musical delights.

On Side A we find “Southwest”, a warm and breezy composition that constantly creates tension through its ever-evolving background atmosphere tempo. The spacious breakdowns highlight the pads while the subtle effects incorporate sounds that resemble a cheering crowd on the dancefloor. This track could easily be a tribute to one of the artist’s performances.

Side B continues the journey with “Granular Lullaby”, a steady-paced cut that lays out an equally deep sound flavoured with moving melodies, spiralling textures and twisted effects that blend into a groovy affair. The driving rhythm is riddled with enough breathing moments for the listener to enjoy the background chords. A highly recommended record right here for collectors and selectors alike.

Grab your copy of Atipic Lab 018 at deejay.de.

Artists: Mihai Pol
Title: Atipic Lab 018
Label: AtipicLab
Cat. number: ATIPICLAB018
Release date: 07.08.2023
Format: Vinyl-only

Words by AndreiB

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