Andu Simion – Atipic Lab 016 [AtipicLab]

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Andu Simion - Atipic Lab 016 [AtipicLab]

Andu Simion – Atipic Lab 016 [AtipicLab]

Next up in Priku‘s AtipicLab vinyl-only side series is non-other than Andu Simion, a part of the Romanian trio Lisiere Collectif and one of the most intriguing producers in the local underground electronic music scene. Here he serves four fresh cuts, smoothly designed with minimal techno, acid and breakbeat influences, perfect for the dancefloor. We invite you to find out more about the previous releases from our EP Reviews featuring Floog, Sublee, Dinu, Cosmjn, Livio & Roby, Aparte & Dan Blatov, VincentIulian and Vlad Arapasu.

Andu Simion enjoys laying out engaging sonic journeys as well as immersive rhythms and textures, getting his inspiration from various styles and genres rooted in house and techno music, with an accent on minimal and microhouse. Throughout time, he collaborated with labels like Hossh, Cakeman, Insound Recordings, Particular, Polen, GFD, Stela Music and, alongside his colleagues Bogdan Ardeleanu and Dan Gheorghe.

Side A opens with “Gradient Raccoon” and, just as funny as that may sound, the swing here is serious, delivering a groovy stripped-down composition powered by shuffling percussion patterns, a sturdy bassline in completion and dreamy background pads. The breakdowns add even more swing, making this cut a funky dancefloor tool best set at 130 bpm. Following, “Better Place” goes deeper, exploring vast atmospheric realms as the wobbling bass comes in and out of focus and the background textures float around, only to evolve into warm piano notes and immersive arrangements.

On Side B we first find “Endless Acid” which drops a totally twisted acid sound led by a sluggish beat and a fat bassline, complemented by bright chords that dissolve into a subtle melancholic mood. Closing the record with style, “Super Sun” brings forward a maritime vibe infused with smooth electric flavours, crazy breaks and an overall uptempo feeling. Another highly recommended 12″ right here for collectors and selectors alike!

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Artists: Andu Simion
Title: Atipic Lab 016
Label: AtipicLab
Cat. number: ATIPICLAB016
Release date: 09.08.2022
Format: Vinyl-only

Words by AndreiB

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