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feeder sound exclusive premiere: Andu Simion – Cosmik Casino [Hossh Records]

After a very active 2018, with releases on Cakeman Records, Insound Recordings, Palinoia, Guy From Downstairs‘ GFD, Particular, Stela Music, and of course LSR (Lisière Collectif Series), Andu Simion returns with three fresh cuts on Hossh Records. Founded by DJ and producer Ankel, the imprint is focused on releasing minimal house and techno music, with artists like Hatfield Brothers, Enzo Leep, Radu Mirica, Adonis Rivera and Albert Ess contributing to the catalogue until now.

“We’re really happy to have Andu on board, there’s a lot of people loving the Romanian sound in London right now and when the opportunity came up for us to work with Andu on releasing his sound here we jumped on it.” – Hossh Records

We are very excited to feature “Cosmik Casino”, one of the tracks from the upcoming “Olymp EP”, the seventh instalment announced by the London-based record label. Designed with minimalistic patterns and groovy notes, the techy percussion delivers a balanced house rhythm spiced with subtle reverberations in the background. Some of the textures have a deep and dubby feeling, making this cut perfect to play in a minimal-oriented selection late in the night. Listen to the full-length track exclusively on feeder sound:

Andu Simion is well-known for his mesmerising compositions and vibrant selections, as well as for his works alongside Bogdan Ardeleanu and Dan Gheorghe with whom he forms the Lisière Collectif trio. Enjoying support from artists like a:rpia:r, DubtilMihai PopoviciuArapu and VincentIulian, to name just a few, he is determined to dedicate more and more time to his passion, exploring beautiful sound dimensions and bringing forward quality electronic music. The recent gigs he had in France also pointed out the fact that he enjoys mixing as much as he enjoys production, smoothly blending groovy tracks delighting the people on the dancefloor.

“Olymp EP” features three original tracks and a remix signed by Dieru, the owner of Honne Music imprint. The title track is a strong example of Andu’s ability to create a sonic bridge between the influences of UK Tech House and that ever-rising Romanian sound of now. The remix provides a pronounced bassline and shuffling percussion while Nostalgia features a hypnotic vocal sample. The EP delivers a smooth journey, twisting through minimal roots, contemporary techniques and beyond.

Stay tuned as HSH007 will be available soon!


Artist: Andu Simion
Title: Olymp EP
Label: Hossh Records
Cat. No.: HSH007
Release date: 25.03.2019


Words by: AndreiB


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