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Ardb – Mind Drift EP [Geodesic]

Bogdan Ardeleanu presents his first solo material as Ardb on Geodesic, marking the first pressing in the label’s catalogue under the title “Mind Drift EP”. The 12” packs three original tracks designed with deep electronic patterns and a melodic remix signed by Reedale Rise. Known for being a part of the Lisière Collectif crew alongside Andu Simion and Dan Gheorghe as well as for his works with Filipp as Kosmogonik, this new journey sure delivers the proper rhythms as expected from an experienced producer and selector with a passion for live acts.

Bogdan’s musical universe incorporates various influences, from deep house and minimal techno to cosmic retro-futuristic grooves. Throughout the time he spent making music with his friends he developed a technique of his own, getting inspiration from all around him. There’s a smooth blend of ever-evolving soundscapes that one can find in his productions, as well as a crisp sound adjusted to an urban setting. His solo project aims to bring forward something new, a distinct approach to modern electronic dance music that portrays an eloquent personal vision.

“Mind Drift EP” unfolds as a spacious and organic technoid adventure constructed with complex synth programming and sequencing, ready to deliver amazing vibes to the people. The wax opens with the title track, a rolling rhythm infused with morphing synth notes, bright pads and a steady percussion. The wobbling bassline stands out, as the cut builds tension through intricate layering, revealing elegant background textures from time to time. Next, there’s “Gamma Ray Burst”, a gloomy cut defined by dark atmospheres and electric melodies. There’s a raw and retro feel to it as the percussion is uplifting and varied. On the flipside, we return to a dreamy dimension, with both “Inversion” and its remix giving out a relaxed sound, built with deep and resonant elements. Liverpool-based producer Simon Keat aka Reedale Rise brings a polished electro vibration to the table, adding a soulful, emotive touch with his re-interpretation.

Ardb - Mind Drift EP [Geodesic] back

Listen to the snippets and grab your copy of Mind Drift EP at


Artist: Ardb
Title: Mind Drift EP
Label: Geodesic
Cat. number: GEODESIC001
Release date: 05.06.2019
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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