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Last updated on May 18th, 2019 at 03:58 am

Lisière Collectif – Route Du Nord [ABC LTD]

The Romanian trio Lisière Collectif dispatches the first release coming from ABC LTD, a freshly established local imprint based in Arad. Titled “Route Du Nord”, the 12” features three organic and deep minimalistic techno cuts, ready to take you on a magical musical journey.

Lisière Collectif represents the collaboration between Bogdan Ardeleanu, Andu Simion and Dan Gheorghe who spent their childhood playing near the heat pipelines situated behind the grey blocks where they lived. The “Lisière” was a place in the suburbs of Ploieşti City where they gathered all the time to enjoy the beauty and silence of nature. This is where they get their inspiration from, as their sound incorporates evolving ambient textures, warm pads and minimal percussion elements. With works published by Moods & Grooves, Phonogramme, AmAm, Muted Noise, Bleu Ciel, and their own Lisière Collectif Series (LSR) established in 2017, the trio is on the rise, always delivering amazing music. With more upcoming releases on vinyl, along with vibrant gigs, they prove to be versatile and creative, as well as determined and passionate.

A1, titled “X – 1110 – 13” opens the wax with a warm sound and a relaxed tempo. The solid bassline flows with elegance over the breaks-infused percussion, while the background layers deliver long pads and playful effects for the atmosphere. Following, there’s “Y – 2202 – 17”, a more uplifting rhythm that features intricate minimalistic arrangements and a driving bassline. Melodic notes come in and out of focus from time to time, creating an eerie experience as the cut plays. Designed for dancing, A2 provides a steady balance to the release with its uptempo vibe while the other tracks are more instrospective in nature. On the flipside, “Z – 0504 – 17” unfolds as deep and dubby cut, with reverberating chords that flow with the stripped-down beat. A subtle hazy pad can be heard in the background while other modulations merge in organic soundscapes, creating a hypnotic effect.

Lisiere Collectif - Route Du Nord [ABC LTD] back

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Artist: Lisière Collectif
Title: Route Du Nord
Label: ABC LTD
Cat. number: ABCLTD001
Release date: 12.11.2018
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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