20 micROhouse & ROminimal EP, LP, VA (vinyl only)

20 micROhouse & ROminimal EP, EP, VA (vinyl only)

Recently, we published an article unveiling 29 micROhouse and ROminimal releases, and now it is time to check out the latest updates. We carefully selected a few EP, LP & VA with distinctive sounds and particular perspectives over underground electronic music from some of the most outstanding artists like DeWaltaDirekt, Doubtingthomas, DraguteskuFaster, Lizz, Mihigh, Nils Weimann, Oana, Ricardo Villalobos, RQZ, SubleeTopology, Traumer, TripmastazVlad ArapasuVlad Caia & Wyro.

You can find more info about the stories behind some of the releases in the review and premiere column, and you can get your copies from our partner, deejay.de.

Bazmann (Nils Weimann & Stephan Bazbaz) - Dixon EP [Rowle]

Bazmann (Nils Weimann & Stephan Bazbaz) – Dixon EP [Rowle] 

“While our World has stopped, the music flow must continue to represent an anchor for all of us. We are happy to present RWL007, another travel between lights and shadows for our little boys, or if you prefer, our personal vision of music. Nils Weimann and Stephan Bazbaz on the originals, Silat Beksi and Vincentiulian on the remixes. Supported by Sit, Arapu, Raresh, Charlie, Herodot, Prichindel, Silat Beksi, Lizz, Barac, Cosmjn, Sepp, Nu Zau, Petre Inspirescu, Mihai Pol, Viceversa and others.” – info sheet from the distributor

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Bruno Pronsato - Do It At Your Funeral [Perlon]

Bruno Pronsato – Do It At Your Funeral LP [Perlon]

“New album by Bruno Pronsato / 2×12“ vinyl.” – info sheet from the distributor

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Dinu - Atipic Lab 013 [AtipicLab] 03

Dinu – Atipic Lab 013 EP [AtipicLab]

The next vinyl-only instalment in the Atipic Lab series is brought forward by Dinu who unleashes a solid and inspiring minimal sound with three fresh cuts designed with great care and patience. Collaborating with Priku since 2018, he had his debut one year later at Casino Sinaia in Romania with the Atipic Live project, followed by several independent materials released on Bandcamp and outstanding collaborations with the head of Atipic Records himself on “Luna“, “ENDZ042” and “ATIPIC010“. Focused on live performances, Dinu elegantly masters the piano while being absorbed by the power of synthesizers, creating amazing compositions influenced by numerous genres. Atipic Lab has previously released materials from ArapuFasterFloogCosmjnVlad ArapasuVincentIulianAparte & Dan BlatovDirektLizzLivio & Roby and DumitrEscu.

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Direkt - Acabadabra EP [Uvar]

Direkt – Acabadabra EP [Uvar]

“No description needed, only music!” – info sheet from the distributor

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Doubtingthomas & Wyro - Zerno EP [Subtil Records]

Doubtingthomas & Wyro – Zerno EP [Subtil Records]

“The Franco-Russian Duo Doubtingthomas & Wyro is teaming up with the infamous Berlin-based Subtil Records. For their 21st release, the label presents a very special EP mixing stratospheric sound design, insane monitoring pressure, and uprights motions composed in the most elegant ways by these two talented producers.” – info sheet from the distributor

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Funk E - Jazz the two of us EP [Raummusik Records]

Funk E – Jazz the two of us EP [Raummusik Records]

“Our dear friend Funk returns to Raum…Musik after a long time and we are happy to have him back. Being one of the very few artists that did four releases in total on our label, he is one of the label’s main artists for sure. His new release holds four tracks with different moods and styles but always Funk E.” – info sheet from the distributor

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Jinger aka Traumer – Jinger EP [Jinger]

Jinger aka Traumer – Jinger EP [Jinger]

“During the past months, I’ve been working on completing the first releases of “Jinger”, a new project where I will explore deeper sounds, textures & atmospheres – the first EP is already in presale, ENJOY !” – Traumer

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Lizz - Dromes EP [Rawax records]

Lizz – Dromes EP [Rawax records]

RAWAX proudly welcomes Lizz to the family! After two releases by Ricardo Villalobos, now it’s time for the Romanian heavyweight to release “Dromes EP” in early 2021! No need to talk much about this fantastic debut – simply listen to it and enjoy!

Highly recommended!” – info sheet from the distributor

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Lukea - Zirconiu [Bohrium Records]

Lukea – Zirconiu EP (Macarie remix) [Bohrium Records]

Lukea is well-known for his collaborations with Puls, Red District, Fixed:composite, Micronica, Wonderground, Recordeep, H24 Records, Vivus Records and Rayzeh as well as for his numerous independent releases, remixes and straight groovy edits of popular tracks, adding his own kind of magic to each one. Originally from Toulouse and now established in Paris, Lucas draws inspiration from various genres while his skills as a drummer sure provide a solid experience when it comes to music-making. Currently, he’s working on launching Elysium Ltd record label, expected in the course of 2021.

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Mihigh - Isolator EP [DUB Musik Limited]

Mihigh – Isolator EP [DUB Musik Limited]

“This is the first 180g limited vinyl for the Milan (IT) based label and party DUB Musik LTD001 from the Romanian underground legend Mihigh… two serious tracks of dark, micro and creepy sound…” – info sheet from the distributor

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Oana - Transmisiune Intergalactică EP [feeder sound]

Oana – Transmisiune Intergalactică EP [feeder sound]

Oana delivers the third vinyl-only instalment to arrive from the Romanian record label feeder sound. Oana is well-known for her vibrant selections and productions, as well as for running Ariki Records. Titled “Transmisiune Intergalactică”, the 12’’ packs three solid minimalistic tracks designed with deep and futuristic rhythms and textures, ready to take you on a journey into inner and outer space! 

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Petit Batou - Fireworks EP [Stamp Records] 01

Petit Batou – Fireworks EP (Direkt & Dragutesku remixes) [Stamp Records]

Parisian label Stamp Records announces “Fireworks EP” to drop soon exclusively on vinyl with label-head Baptiste Saint-James aka Petit Batou behind two fresh cuts alongside local producers Direkt and Dragutesku on remix duties. The record explores deep minimalistic dimensions, full of meandering narratives and smooth tempos, perfect for laid-back selections or long afterhours. The imprint is internationally known since 2015, having an extended digital and vinyl catalogue that includes productions signed by ROI, Dominic Vadim, Amin Ravelle, Silat BeksiOctave, Alan Castro, Bassam, TriptilAndu Simion, Zenk and Ernesto Ferreyra, among others.

Aside from the works dispatched through his imprint, Petit Batou also collaborated with Minim.All, Tzinah, CELO Rec, Kanja Records, Soundterrasse, Totoyov and Capodopere. For this EP he invites Direkt and Dragutesku to express their own vision on the two original tracks, the result being a must-have record that will arrive in a limited number of copies.

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Ricardo Villalobos & Maher Daniel - Changes EP part 3 [The Other Side]

Ricardo Villalobos & Maher Daniel – Changes EP part 3 [The Other Side]

Ricardo Villalobos & Maher Daniel!!” – info sheet from the distributor

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RQZ - Night Dweller EP [Untitled Musica]

RQZ – Night Dweller EP [Untitled Musica]

Untitled Musica, the Faro-based collective and party series, launch their vinyl-only label with Romanian maestro RQZ on debut duty. 
Night Dweller EP is a stunning 3-tracker with the perfect blend of hypnotic and unique soundscapes.” – info sheet from the distributor

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TIJN - It is what it is EP [ubiyu]

TIJN – It is what it is EP [ubiyu]

ubiyu launches their third EP, with a four-tracker from Tijn, including a remix of Arno‘s Easy Does It.” – info sheet from the distributor

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Topology - Halah (Dragutesku Remix) [VRNT] 01

Topology – Halah (Dragutesku remix) [VRNT]

Canadian venture VRNT (sub-label of зброї / Zbroyi) announces the release of “Halah / Kazu EP” to arrive soon on vinyl with label-head April Terry aka Topology at the controls alongside Dragutesku and Roger Gerressen on remix duties. The 12″ will be pressed in a limited number of copies and represents another great achievement for the label, which is well known for its ongoing podcast series and showcase events hosted by artists like Faster, Orlesko, Kris Schultz, Janeret, Rennie Foster and Ada Kaleh, to name just a few.

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Various (Halo Varga & DeWalta, Faster, Sublee, Dieru) - Profile Series 001 [Muted Noise] 01

VA (Halo Varga & DeWalta, Faster, Sublee, Dieru) – Profile Series 001 [Muted Noise]

American imprint Muted Noise announces a new vinyl-only material to arrive soon in the form of “Profile Series 001”VA featuring label-head Halo Varga in collaboration with DeWaltaFasterSublee and Dieru. Based in San Diego, California, the label is well-known in the underground scene for its activity and releases, so far having an amazing discography signed by Alex Piccini & Proudly People, Lisière CollectifHerck and H-Foundation (Brian Varga & Eric Galavis/Halo & Hipp-E) alongside remixes by Livio & RobyRoger Gerressen D’Julz, Per Hammar and Enzo Siragusa. This record provides a broad and varied selection of exquisite grooves from very talented artists who nevertheless share common interests in originality, attention to detail and passion for crafting dance music with a superb sense of sophistication.

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VA (Jonas Lang & Krons, Paul Quzz, Dragomir) - GROOVESTREET 001 [GRVSTRT Records]

VA (Jonas Lang & KronsPaul QuzzDragomir) – GROOVESTREET 001 [GRVSTRT Records]

GRVSTRT Records delivers their first release “Groovestreet 001” as a beautiful selection of minimal house with a touch of Romanian sound.
This 3-tracker unveils the talents of Jonas Lang & Krons on A1 with a groovy minimal track, the Canadian Paul Quzz on A2 with a more punchy minimal house tune and completed by the Romanian Dragomir on the B-side with a haunting bass-line and charming vocals and winds.
The release comes as a 180g and vinyl-only record.

The artwork, which in parts features mollusc shells illustrations generated mathematically combining nature and technology, sympathises to the music – simply minimalistic and dreamful.” – info sheet from the distributor

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Various (Vlad Arapasu, Tripmastaz Enterprises, Petit Batou, Chrivu) - ENFASI002 [Enfasi Records] 01

VA (Vlad Arapasu, Tripmastaz Enterprises, Petit Batou, Chrivu) – ENFASI002 [Enfasi Records]

After a successful first release in November 2019 with Romanian duo Spiri:tual at the controls, London-based vinyl-only label Enfasi Records proudly presents its second pressing with a roaring deployment of established producers. Announced to arrive in June in a limited number of copies, ENFASI002 is a Various Artists compilation focused on forward-thinking minimal grooves brought forward by local acts Vlad Arapasu and Chrivu, French artist Petit Batouand Russian wiz-kid Tripmastaz under his fresh alias Trimastaz Enterprises. Founded by Davide Decay and Max Frisina from Bread & Butter London, the imprint looks set to make waves in the growing minimal scene and their music sure delivers the vibes. 

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Vlad Caia - Both Sides Of The Story EP [UVAR] 01

Vlad Caia – Both Sides Of The Story EP [UVAR]

The next chapter in UVAR‘s discography is delivered by Vlad Caia in the form of “Both Sides Of The Story EP”, a solid three-tracker that will take anyone for a ride into cosmic dimensions of modern electronica. Well-known for his collaboration with Cristi Cons for the SIT project and Amphia Records as well as for his memorable solo materials, Vlad is definitely an iconic character when it comes to minimal techno, being one of those artists that shaped both local and international scenes with his forward-thinking productions and selections. After all those years it’s actually really nice to see him adding even more magic to UVAR‘s catalogue which features a solid collection signed by label founders Sepp and Nu Zau alongside established artists like Andrei CiubucAda KalehRagripBaracLivio & RobyVidCrihan and VincentIulian, to name just a few.

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BONUS (digital release):

Barac Control Club

Barac – Sunet cu ramburs

Like most of his music, his latest EP came out shrugged in mystery.

When talking about music, frequencies, and the correlation with what could be a current shaman, Barac is certainly one of the leading figures in this field, exploring through intricate sounds, repetitions and patterns the deepest levels of conciseness. Barac‘s music represents the perfect balance of the dynamicity imported from the tribal chants that makes your body dance and the warm vibrations that relax your mind and give room for personal thoughts. 

The recent EP “Sunet cu ramburs” (refundable sound), composed of two tracks, maintain Barac‘s deep, dark and rather difficult to understand perspective, all in subtle tones.

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Enjoy this selection and grab your copies quick. Use the comments section and let us know what would you add to the list.

Words by Cristina Popa (random) & Andrei Racovițan (ubic)

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