feeder sound 305 mixed by URRRS

feeder sound 305 mixed by URRRS 01

For this episode of our ongoing podcast series, we invite URRRS to deliver an engaging and inspiring LIVE SET recorded directly through analogue and modular machines.

Fuelled by the desire to go back and play live electronic music, URRRS is a unique performance, hardware-based and fully improvised project of Viena-based artist Sebastian Le Shuff. Using a combination of modular, digital and analogue machines, his sets showcase the raw energy of techno, with deep rich textures and futuristic melodies carefully interlaced in the narratives. The hard-hitting beats are the perfect backbone for the heavy basslines and soaring leads generated on his synths. In his career, Sebastian brought forward amazing house and techno rhythms on labels like Galacta Records, Keks Records and his personal playground Oaza, where he recently collaborated with Alpha Bite for “Mellem EP”.

“The set was recorded for Feeder in the Austrian mountains in the spring of 2021 and is heavily inspired by the dark forests that surrounded the village where I was staying.”


feeder sound 305 mixed by URRRS reveals an energetic display of techno-driven sounds, powered by solid drumming patterns, twisted synth effects and an ever-evolving atmosphere that goes from introspective moments to pure pumping arrangements. Enjoy with the volume up!

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Words by AndreiB

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