Dieru – Voden EP (Matheiu Remix) [RAWSTREET]

Dieru - Voden EP (incl. Matheiu Remix) [RAWSTREET]

RAWSTREET has become a vital label for those in the know and now it hits release number 10 in fine fashion. Dieru is the man behind the beats and he comes through with four fresh cuts and a remix from Matheiu seals it.

Opener Voden is deep, slippery, heady dance music. It pops off with freaky vocals and rubbery drums and never lets up. Trephase is darker, with a more nagging bassline and freaky sound design of the sort Craig Richards would love. It’s slinky and well-designed stuff for subtle dance floors and Tod then sinks you into a perfectly dubby vibe with nice feathery hi-hats and loopy rolling drums to get you in the groove. Levon brings more airiness thanks to the balmy sci-fi pads and smooth, serene beats, and again it stays deep. Trephase (Matheiu Remix) closes out with a more tripped out vibe, whirring machine sounds and alien life forms all present and correct.

This is a fantastic new EP that marks another high point for RAWSTREET.

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