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Ricardo Villalobos and Butch - Fünfviertel [Otherside]

Ricardo Villalobos and Butch – Fünfviertel [Otherside]

The mind-benders are back in town! After their smash 2013 release ”Up”, Ricardo Villalobos and Butch are reaching into the vaults of their mass of co-composed songs and finally are making two more precious gems available to the public!

Ricardo Villalobos and Butch - Fünfviertel [Otherside]Down” is the opposite of ”Up”, bringing a chill, deep vibe to the floor, but still keeping it club, baby. ”Fünfviertel” is a trippy mind-expansion that has been getting huge responses by you guys whenever you heard But or Ric play over the last few months. Fasten your seatbelts, shit’s about to get extra-terrestrial!

Grab your Fünfviertel copy at deejay.de

Artist: Ricardo Villalobos and Butch
Title: Fünfviertel
Cat. number: OS003
Release date: 15.03.2018
Format: Vinyl–only


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