Dubfound & Rhadoo – Flying Fish Song [The Other Side]

Dubfound & Rhadoo - Flying Fish Song [The Other Side]

Dubfound & Rhadoo – Flying Fish Song [The Other Side]

2x12Inch on heavy weight 180G! It’s no surprise the evolutionary trajectory The Other Side has taken, and now for the 10th release they introduce Dubfound who delivers two wobbly minimal groovers. Joining The Other Side team is none other than RPR’s Rhadoo who delivers 2 remixes to complete the package.

Grab your copy of Flying Fish Song EP at decks.de.

Artist: Rhadoo, Dubfound
Title: Flying Fish Song EP
Label: The Other Side
Cat. number: TOS010
Release date: pre-sale
Format: Vinyl-only / 2X12″ / 180G
Mastered: Pheek

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