exclusive premiere: Topper – Riders Of The Lost Arp [Danzha]

Topper - Riders Of The Lost Arp [Danzha] 01

feeder sound exclusive premiere: Topper – Riders Of The Lost Arp [Danzha]

Tunisian events series and record label Danzha announces its first vinyl-only pressing to arrive in February in the form of a Various Artists compilation titled “Maieutics I” which features amazing minimal gems signed by Dunkler Boulevard, Paul Walter, Topper and Vizcacha. The imprint aims to explore the deep dimensions of underground electronic music through their carefully planned parties and to showcase artists from all over the world.

Italian DJ and producer Matteo Taberna aka Topper is well-known for his intense activity in the scene, having numerous events and releases under his belt. Among the labels he collaborated with we find Sleep Is Commercial, 31337 Records, Gilesku, Music Is Art, Tied, BP Mind Series, All Inn Black, Castanea and Swoon while other productions have been dispatched using his Dead Rail alias. With early influences like Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd, his ever-evolving style incorporates numerous genres and subgenres, going from pure psychedelic music to abstract soundscapes and minimalistic house or techno.

Topper‘s track “Riders Of The Lost Arp” opens the B-Side with an immersive, bass-heavy rhythm that exhibits a steady progression flavoured with swinging and shuffling drumming patterns, eerie background textures and twisted effects. The journey undergoes several variations, thus providing a solid resonance and a deep vibration perfect for dimly-lighted dancefloors.

Dubfound & Insolti team up under the Dunkler Boulevard alias and their track “13” opens the VA with a seamless weaving of percussive elements and warped effects that slowly evolve into a futuristic soundscape defined by a mystical atmosphere. Following, Paul Walter meticulously blends the classic dub reggae vibes with technical and precise microhouse motions on “Roots, Rock”, delivering an endless voyage into the transcendent state of active listening and introspective thinking. Alan Castro aka Vizcacha closes the VA with the story of “Jimmy The Killer”, a darker piece that settles for a reflective mood, elegantly designed with alluring sequences and organic layers.

Listen to the snippets above and grab your copy of Maieutics I at deejay.de.

Artist: Topper
Title: B1. Riders Of The Lost Arp
Label: Danzha
Cat. Number: DNZ001
Release Date: 15.02.2021
Format: Vinyl-onlyl

Words by: AndreiB

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