V​.​A Compilation – Midnight Sun [Rockets Audio]

V​.​A Compilation - Midnight Sun [Rockets Audio]

ROCKBCE10 / Midnight Sun V​.​A Compilation

We are glad to present our number 10th of the BCE Limited series, 23 selected tracks from some of our favourites main artist and also new talents that have just landed to the family!

Rockets Audio arrives at a new constellation with the 2nd compilation of the BCE Series, a combination of Minimal avant-garde sounds, retro-futuristic atmospheres, swing and modular/analogue sounds.

Rockets Audio label based in Berlin curated by Matheiu has physical releases with artist such Satoshi Tomiie, Wareika, DoubtingThomas, Alessio Mereu, Cesar Merveille, Matheiu, Cesare Vs Disorder, Tommy Vicari JNR, Denis Kaznacheev, Tripmastaz, Danilo Schneider, Dubfound, Difid, Max Jacobson, Furz among many others.


1. Alessio Mereu – MooVe (Original Mix)
2. Atef – Train Station (Original Mix)
3. BaertauB – Malicious (Original Mix)
4. Cali Lanauze & Mehr – Overstep (Original Mix)
5. Carebears – Soundcloud Van Damme (Original Mix)
6. Cesare vs Disorder, Dubphone – Parakatu (Original Mix)
7. Dan Jamkinsun – Owie (Original Mix)
8. Danilo Schneider – Explain (Original Mix)
9. Difid & Jarbus – The Pill (Original Mix)
10. Dub Smasher – Eclipse Conjuction (Original Mix)
11. Dumi – Think Of Energy (Original Mix)
12. East 00155 – Melodies Of Trust (Original Mix)
13. Furz – Nothing Is Lost (Original Mix)
14. Hendriks Toth – One Fifty Jazz (Original Mix)
15. Jezellic & Amae – Duffy Song (Original Mix)
16. Matheiu & Weg – M.A.C.A 001 (Original Mix)
17. Matheiu – Awakening (Original Mix)
18. Max Jacobson – Cycles (Original Mix)
19. Mental Carnival – Morning Sun (Original Mix)
20. Roluce – Outlaw (Original Mix)
21. Root – Delirium (Original Mix)
22. Suinyl – Politically Incorrect (Original Mix)
23. Tommy Vicari Jnr – Spaitrip Rip (Original Mix)

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Artist: V.A Compilation
Record Label:  Rockets Audio
Cat. Number: BCE10
Release Date: 05 March 2021
Format: Digital

Contact & Licensing: rocketsaudio@gmail.com

Artwork and credits by – Rockets Audio

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