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For this episode of our ongoing podcast series we invite the Brazilian duo Botanic Soundsystem to deliver the vibes and get everybody into that special weekend mood.

Botanic Soundsystem was born from the journey of two music lovers and longtime friends, Doriva and Leo Andreazza. They met in 2011 and to this day they still share the same peculiarities when it comes to music. Doriva has a solid career and a strong involvement in the Brazilian electronic scene for over a decade. In addition to being a resident at the iconic Sao Paulo club D-Edge, he has always been at the forefront of musical movements in Santa Catarina. In 2019, on a trip to Europe, he performed in Romania, the United Kingdom and France. Leo is an assiduous musical researcher, a fan of jazz and soul since he was very young and has always been in the art world, either as a DJ or producing historical moments, such as the magical Quinto Sol festival, with none other than Ricardo Villalobos.

Botanic Soundsytem is also the musical arm of Botanic, a party label that both created with the aim of overcoming the barriers of the obvious. The project is the distillation of years, of what both did, for the love of electronic music.

“With this mix we wanted to deliver our best to the audience at the second edition of Botanic. We were in the second slot playing before Cosmjn, so we looked for highs and lows, to create an amazing experience for our audience here in Brazil.”

Botanic Soundsystem

feeder sound 364 mixed by Botanic Soundsystem reveals an engaging selection of tracks that explore various shades of minimal, microhouse, deep house and breaks. The meandering sound flows with constant energy while having enough spacious breathing and tension-building moments. The set was recorded live at The Raw Room stage at Surreal Park in Santa Catarina on July 2nd when the duo performed alongside Cosmjn and Jack Cheler. Adjust the volume of your speakers and enjoy the ride!

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Words by AndreiB

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