Aparte, Dan Blatov – Atipic Lab 007 [AtipicLab]

Aparte Dan Blatov - Atipic Lab 007 [AtipicLab] 01

Aparte, Dan Blatov – Atipic Lab 007 [AtipicLab]

Atipic Lab returns with the seventh pressing in the series, this time bringing forward two solid minimal cuts signed by local DJs and producers Aparte and Dan Blatov, who make an amazing debut on vinyl right here. Launched in 2018, this side venture coming from Priku‘s notorious Atipic label showcases the Romanian sound at its finest, with Arapu, Faster, Floog, Cosmjn, Vlad Arapasu and VincentIulian being the ones who previously contributed to the catalogue.

Taking influences from techno, breakbeat, Detroit house and acid, Aparte operates in a variety of musical directions, making him stand out from the new wave of local electronic music artists. He performed at various events organised at venues like Club Eden, The Urbanist, Spatiu Tehnic and Molotov Vama Veche, sharing the decks with Tomasan, Lisière Collectif, Vlad Dinu, Los Bastoneros, Andreiu, Derek and Lizz, among others. Some of his productions were published by Full Scale and groove.ro while others are yet to be released, while established names like Barac and SIT already showed support, incorporating his tracks in their selections.

Aparte Dan Blatov - Atipic Lab 007 [AtipicLab] 02

Atipic Lab 007 reveals two cuts, one on each side, both designed with serious minimalistic rhythms and sounds. The A-Side features “Guidance”, a collaborative work between Aparte and Dan Blatov built with a hypnotic vibe perfect to be played at the afterhours. The drumming incorporates breakbeat influences, the strong bassline sweeps the low-end frequencies with style while the bright background pads and the vocal cut add even more depth to the whole story.

On Side B, “Distant Thunder” sees Aparte dropping a solo composition that reveals a driving rhythm designed for peak time moments. Here, the focus falls on the bassline while the other layers and effects elegantly complement the arrangements, creating a dynamic minimal journey.

Listen to the snippets and grab your copy of Atipic Lab 007 at deejay.de.



Artist: Aparte, Dan Blatov
Title: Atipic Lab 007
Label: AtipicLab
Cat. number: ATIPICLAB007
Release date: 19.05.2020
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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