Filipp – Stuffz EP [Swiftness]

Filipp - Stuffz EP [Swiftness] 1

Filipp – Stuffz EP [Swiftness]

Five years ago Filipp was the first to deliver a mix for the feeder sound podcast series while his abilities as a selector and promoter were thoroughly tested as the Halvingrad events he hosted back then took place on a monthly basis, bringing forward amazing electronic music to the Romanian underground scene. In time things changed and the path he walked on took him on new adventures, making him explore music production more intensely in search for a new and fresh sound. In 2019 he revealed the Kosmogonik project to the people, a live act exploring deep cosmic grooves with a retro-futuristic feel conceived alongside Bogdan Ardeleanu aka Ardb, known for being a part of the Lisière Collectif crew alongside Andu Simion and Dan Gheorghe.

As 2020 slowly sets in, Filipp returns with fresh forces revealing “Stuffz EP”, a solid three-tracker that properly marks his debut on vinyl. Released through the local imprint Swiftness which is managed by him and Paul Popa, the 12” introduces to a remarkable new take on house music, where acid and breakbeat influences smoothly blend with the modern minimalistic genre. Here’s what he has to say about it:

I’m very proud of this release, it’s the result of many years of staying at home and working, polishing a personal sound. That’s the reason I haven’t rushed to get anything out so far. I wanted to be sure that when I do it, I will be mature enough so that future me will still enjoy the tracks.” – Filipp

Side A is reserved for “Morning Botanics”, an uptempo composition designed with a groovy acidic bassline, solid percussive elements, melodic synth notes and warm background textures. There’s a subtle deep house vibe elegantly embedded into it as well as an old-school analogue feeling while the overall arrangement and processing deffinetly reflect a modern approach. On Side B we first find “Jaywalkin’ OG”, a wobbling piece with a very engaging broken beat in focus. Here, the energy is dispersed through all the layers, each having a distinct flavour to offer, from bright and harmonic synth stabs to sly garage-infused drumming sequences. Closing, there’s “Smultronställe”, a driving cut that flows and builds tension with relentless dynamism while numerous micropatterns and effects come into play adding even more spice to the whole journey, like the secondary layer of hi-hats that transform the track entirely with their presence.

Filipp - Stuffz EP [Swiftness] 2

The release has all the ingredients to easily become a timeless classic so grab your copy of Stuffz EP at


Artist: Filipp
Title: Stuffz EP
Label: Swiftness
Cat. number: SWIFT001
Release date: 30.01.2020
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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