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Andu Simion – Aversa EP [Cakeman Records]

After releasing two beautiful materials signed by Teluric and Melodie, Copenhagen based Cakeman Records returns with the third wax, titled “Aversa EP” and delivered by Andu Simion. Created and curated by Dragos Ilici, the imprint showcases quality underground electronic music since 2016 and sure has a bright future as it enjoys massive support from the local and international scene.

2018 has been a very productive year for Andu Simion as he dispatched several solo EPs with renowned record labels, as well as collaborative tracks with other artists, including his colleagues from Lisière Collectif. Insound Recordings, Particular, Palinoia, Stela Music and LSR count among the publishers that Andu has worked with this year, aside from past associations with Atipic, Polen and Quanticman Records, to name a few.

With deep and warm minimalistic arrangements, “Aversa EP” manages to catch the essential sound of today’s techno, elegantly adapted to the Romanian style. Smooth percussion, strong basslines and playful synths, all packed in an emotional journey designed with four original tracks. A great 12” to have in the record bag or to listen to at home, in moments of introspection, with this playing gently in the background.

Side A opens with “Gravity Probe”, a groovy cut with a spacious background created by merging long pads and subtle dubby textures. The driving percussion features a strong and clear bassline, while a reverberated vocal sample builds tension and unleashes an energetic flow of hi-hats. Maintaining the uplifting note, next we find “Small Satellites”, a funky rhythm flavoured by deep melodic pads and sublime transitions. Designed for dancing, A2 can easily highlight a selection at any kind of party.

On the flipside, the title track plays first, revealing a prominent bassline and a crisp percussion that get lost in rich textures and gloomy chords. With elements specific to dub techno and industrial-infused effects, “Aversa” provides a mesmerizing fusion, with a dynamic rhythm to slide to. Closing the EP, “Silent Fish” unfolds as a minimalistic composition, with melancholic notes and long build-ups that capture emotions and sounds. A balanced and relaxed percussion builds alluring moments and smoothly concludes this release.

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Artist: Andu Simion
Title: Aversa EP
Label: Cakeman Records
Cat. number: CAKEMAN003
Release date: 26.07.2018
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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