Andu Simion, Sacke – Insound #V01 [Insound Recordings]

andu simion, sacke - insound v01 wax

Andu Simion, Sacke – Insound #V01 [Insound Recordings]

Powered by the Italian imprint Inwave, the electronic music publisher Insound Recordings functions as a sublabel, showcasing techno and house-infused rhythms from all over the world. “Insound #V01” is presented as an exclusive vinyl-only split release, signed by Romanian artists Andu Simion and Sacke. The 12” enjoys massive support, being played by the likes of Marco Carola, Richie Hawtin, Seth Troxler, Steve Lawler, a:rpia:r, Dubtil, Mihai Popoviciu, Crihan, Arapu, VincentIulian, and many others.

Andu Simion is a producer and DJ from Ploiesti, who also loves to capture beautiful moments through his lens, as he enjoys being a photographer in his free time. Co-founder of the notorious trio Lisière Collectif, Andu likes to play with anything exotic, from uptempo dancefloor bangers to deep and atmospheric techno. His discography includes collaborations with labels like Atipic, Polen, Palinoia, GFD, Cakeman Records, Stela Music and Stamp Records, to name a few.

Coming from Bucharest, Sandu Ciprian aka Sacke delivers an energetic sound, with a focus on the minimalistic patterns specific to the Romanian underground movement. With releases on Far From Normal, Cer Senin and Tzinah, he gains a spot amongst the most talented local rising artists.

With Side A featuring Andu Simion exploring deep vintage rhythms and Sacke dispatching groovy tech sounds on Side B, this pressing is truly inspired.

A1 titled “Protective Atmosphere” sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, a smooth blend between spaced-out effects, evolving soft pads, and a steady crisp percussion. Influences from IDM and ambient music can be felt here, and the whole cut resonates on a vintage note. Following, there’s A2 titled “Missing Ice”, an acidic composition designed with driving synths and arpeggiators in theme with the trance-influenced techno productions of the 90’s. A very pleasant drop, as we rarely hear modern re-constructions of the old-school vibes.

On the flipside, B1 plays like a carousel of lush percussion layers and hypnotic background textures. Titled “Resopain”, the cut offers a pumping tech sound, with a clear and strong beat balanced by rotating deep chords and pads. B2, “Dor De Multe” closes the wax with style, displaying a catchy glitched rhythm fused with melodic layers of subtle effects and micro cuts. The funky heavy filtered bassline provides this track with all it takes to be a dancefloor shaker and empowers the fact that this wax is a must-have!

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Artist: Andu Simion, Sacke
Title: Insound #V01
Label: Insound Recordings
Cat. number: INSOUNDV01
Release date: 28.09.2018
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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