Misbits’ Pick: Crihan – Mesagerii

There is a moment in your artist life when you feel the need to take your creative personality by the hand and continue your way through life all alone, without the need to follow some label rules; just freely express your feelings. And this usually means that you would have to start your own imprint, usually a vinyl one to make sure you’d offer the best conditions for your sound creations to roam through the undeground.

Crihan did this exact thing in 2017, when he announced his newborn child, mezin Records. Here we are, in 2018, listening to the second mezin release, a 4-tracker etched on 180 grams records: Mesagerii.


Taking this EP as a whole, this is like a symphony shattered on the microhouse flatlands that have been Crihan’s playground for quite a few years. You can even catch pale tones of classical music instruments, hidden inside the dusty snares, to create an atmosphere that resembles some of Petre Inspirescu’s early work. The steady pace followed us on each of the four tracks, with a subtle groove that led us to an introspection rather than consuming our energy outwards. Hard to pick a favourite track, we deal here with 4 pretty different magical trips, yet with the same destination.

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Artist: Crihan
Title: Mesagerii EP
Label: Mezin
Release date: 09.2018
Format: Vinyl-only


words by: Vixi

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