Pixies, Fanfan & DJ Novelove Third Year Anniversary Party at Rooftop 42

Pixies, Fanfan & DJ Novelove Third Year Anniversary Party at Rooftop 42

Pixies Invite Fanfan and DJ Novelove For Their Third Year Anniversary Party At Rooftop 42

Friday 19th April will see the electronic events brand Pixies celebrate their third anniversary in one of the most unique spots in Geneva. Taking over Rooftop 42 in the centre of the city they will feature local talent Fanfan and DJ Novelove. The artists will be showcasing a mix of house, indie and disco vibes on the venue’s rooftop.

Recognised for a pop-up series of events over previous years, they have become widely known for their trademark positive vibe, select performers and social crowd that combine both local and extended audiences from across the nation, including international tourists.

Pixies is composed of three founders, all long-term friends from Geneva. They initially started organising events with big names such as Parallelle, Birds of Mind, Alan Dixon and GiZ but wanted to go in another direction. Their current aim is to promote local artists by giving them access to content creation and visibility through well-curated and promoted events, as well as organising parties for them to engage larger crowds and gain exposure.

Joaquin Jimenez, Pixies Co-Founder comments “ We want to organise events and create content with local DJs who are looking for exposure. We are working with the artists to be creative and open opportunities to grow together.”

The collective collaborates with unique venues bars, clubs and restaurant spaces to host their events, whilst actively recording the DJ sets live to create online content and further ignite their community. With a distinct objective of expanding their scene and working with DJs across other cities, whilst regularly discovering fresh and breakthrough talent is firmly positioning Pixies as one to watch.

Already making waves on a national level, they are working to ensure the world listens to what they have to offer and are further seeking international collaborators for future projects. Actively inviting attendance to their events and building a vibrant online audience they are sharing their music across social media and fast becoming a promoter of note in Geneva.

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