Viața – “Totem” | original painting on cloth cardboard


The artwork, titled Totem, is a tempera painting created by Viața using tempera and black marker on a 100 x 70 cm canvas cardboard.

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Viața – “Totem”,  tempera and black marker on canvas cardboard, 100 cm X 70 cm, 2009

We have the pleasure to announce that our online gallery expands its art collection with a unique artwork by Viața, the Totem canvas.

“Totem”, a tremendous canvas painting by the visionary street artist Viața, is a captivating exploration of forms and symbols that transcend the conventional boundaries of shape and colour. This artwork, measuring 100 x 70 cm, unfolds a visual narrative that seamlessly merges human, animal, and abstract elements.

The canvas, crafted from cloth cardboard, provides a textured foundation that enhances the tactile and visual experience of the piece. Viața‘s chosen medium, a blend of tempera colours and black marker, creates a dynamic interplay between the flatness of the surface and the richness of the hues.

Shapes in the form of eyes and doors populate the composition, each carrying a symbolic weight that beckons the viewer to unravel layers of meaning. Human and animal forms emerge, their noses and ears taking on abstract yet familiar shapes, blurring the boundaries between the known and the fantastical.

“Totem” is not merely a painting; it’s a visual symphony of patterns and rules, a celebration of the interplay between straight and bent lines, and a proof of Viața‘s mastery in orchestrating a balance between chaos and order. This rectangular totem is an immersive journey into the artist’s world, inviting viewers to explore the depths of imagination within the confines of its vast and vibrant canvas.

Viața “Totem”, tempera and black marker on canvas cardboard, 100 cm X 70 cm, 2009


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Dimensions 70 × 100 × 0,5 cm


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