feeder sound 411 mixed by Komey (Own Productions)

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feeder sound 411 mixed by Komey 001

For this week’s episode of our ongoing podcast series we invite Komey to deliver a taste of his own productions.

Matvey Kostyuchenko aka Komey has been igniting the sound waves with his electrifying tracks since the inception of his career. His journey began in his home studio in Moscow, where he churned out his earliest musical creations. Over the years, his innovative productions have caught the attention of many musicians across the globe, who have eagerly supported his work. Renowned artists like Direkt, Swoy, Sota, Wyro and DoubleSound have all featured his music in their sets, making him a prominent figure in the underground electronic music scene.

Nowadays, Komey is regularly on the lookout for fresh inspiration with his latest obsession being the mesmerizing sounds of modular synthesizers. He’s also an avid collector of vinyl, always seeking out the rarest and most obscure releases. Constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of music he founded his own label Scriptum Records and released some of his works via labels like Kina Music, Intelligent Sound, Engineer Records, Re:Face, Tea Room Records and NoRepress, among others.

“In this mix I played music that I’ve made in the last couple of years. I mixed some of my melodic tracks with some breakbeat, deep house and experimental synth sounds. Hope you like it.”


feeder sound 411 mixed by Komey features the artist’s own productions and delivers an energetic combination of various styles of minimal techno, microhouse and breaks, some deep and some more uplifting. Adjust the volume of your speakers and enjoy this thrilling and electrifying sonic journey.

As the feeder.ro awards project is in full swing, we invite you to find out more about each member of the jury panel.

Komey on soundcloud | facebookinstagram | bandcamp | Scriptum Records
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Words by AndreiB

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