feeder sound 414 mixed by Maurice Giovannini (own productions)

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feeder sound 414 mixed by Maurice Giovannini 001

This Friday we dive deep into Maurice Giovannini’s sound who drops an inspiring selection featuring some of his own unreleased productions.

Born in the Trois Rivieres administrative region of Quebec, Canada, Maurice Giovannini is an artist on the rise, with his music being endorsed and played by some of the underground scene’s finest artists such as Ricardo Villalobos, [a:rpia:r], Janeret and Dana Ruh among many others. When he was very young he moved with his family to Italy and at the age of 13 he was given his first console, setting him on the path to becoming a DJ and, in time, a prolific and dedicated electronic music producer.

Throughout time, Maurice collaborated with artists like Nu Zau, Plusculaar, Gorbani, Rush Arp, Sublee, Christian Farias, Luca M and Massimo Cassini while some of his works were released via labels like Archipel, Sleep Is Commercial, Ukiyo, WEorUS, Zebra Rec, Nightclubber.ro, Wavetech Limited, Sakadat, Resonanz, What Now Becomes LTD, Ensis Black, Body Parts, Mind Vision and Medicine Records, to name a few.

“For this mix, I selected the best of my recent unreleased productions, laying out a journey that includes broken beats and hypnotic atmospheres. Combining into the perfect match for this podcast, the deep house vibes and minimal grooves took the primary influence here, so enjoy it.”

Maurice Giovannini

feeder sound 414 mixed by Maurice Giovannini sets off with steady-paced grooves deeply rooted in minimal techno and slowly catches momentum with microhouse inserts and breakbeat moments that deliver a swinging sonic affair, perfect to start your weekend with. The deep house tracks featured towards the end of the set bring even more colour to this setting so better adjust the volume of your speakers and enjoy with the volume up.

The feeder.ro Awards winners have been announced for all categories – Street Art and Interventions in the Public Space, Transdisciplinary Projects and Electronic Music Compositions. Find out more here.

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Words by AndreiB

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