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This Friday we explore a different sound than what we’re used to hearing in our podcast series, going deep into experimental realms with F.GOD live at Club der Visionaere.

Felix Godden aka F.GOD is a songwriter, composer, sound designer and experimentalist who loves to play with all sorts of digital and analog tools in order to bring forward unique sonic journeys. From ambient and IDM to musique concrete or lo-fi sounds, his music incorporates all the ingredients necessary to take listeners into immersive experiences and expansive states of mind.

Born in the United Kingdom and now living in Berlin, Felix made his debut in the international electronic music scene early this year on Arno Voelker and Simon Birkenfeld’s Internet Is Over record label with “All The Tall Flowers EP“, recently followed up by “A Lever Long Enough LP“, both meticulously crafted using various recording techniques and gear in order to explore music in all its depth and possibilities.

“The set is an attempt to take tunes from my recent album and EP and perform them live. The whole set is built to run in real-time with sequences from the record controlling synths and drum machines with lots of modulation and control built in. I can really guide what is happening and take it in loads of different directions. This performance was recorded at the chill stage at CDV so I leant more into ambiences and effects washouts but the weighty core of the tracks is still there.”


feeder sound 410 live with F.GOD reveals a diverse combination of electronica featuring ethereal soundscapes, intricate rhythms and twisted on-the-spot experiments recorded by the artist at his latest performance in Berlin’s renowned electronic music hotspot, Club der Visionaere. Expect a one-of-a-kind amalgamation and synergy of his own productions exploring alternative genres that merge into one organic flow of pure blissful avant-garde music.

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Words by AndreiB / Photo by Shauna Summers

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