feeder sound with Bucurie

feeder sound with BUCURIE (dj set) 2
feeder sound with Bucurie

Romanian Dj and producer Bucurie went live from our secret headquarters in October last year alongside visual artist iZZY iZVNE in order to deliver an immersive selection as a part of our inspiring streaming series. While the canvas slowly transformed into a captivating cosmic scenery, the music revealed a hypnotic flow of rhythms and textures, composed mainly from own productions. The time has come for you to enjoy this magical journey on soundcloud!

Bucurie is well-known for his distinct deep style which reflects in every mix or production work, bringing forward rich textures, intricate drumming patterns and complex narratives. Throughout time, he delivered numerous independent materials on Bandcamp while also collaborating with established record labels like Otaku, Stamp Records, Hubble Recordings, Sanguina, Honne Music, Depth Over Distance, Zebra Records and Abduction. As a selector, he rarely steps behind the decks but when he does, he does it with style, dropping energetic vibrations carefully blended with lush atmospheres. Hit play and you’ll easily understand what we’re saying.

“It was a nice and relaxing event in the company of warm and welcoming people. iZZY impressed me with her talent and imagination. Thanks again for this cosy experience. You are the best! Big up Feeder!”


feeder sound with Bucurie will take you for a ride through various shades and flavours of electronic music, ranging from deep house, minimal and breaks to groovy progressive dimensions, covering all the colours of the spectrum. Most of the compositions are signed by the artist while others are carefully picked to extend his vision and to make you want to move your body! Enjoy with the volume up!

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Bucurie on facebook | bandcamp
feeder sound on soundcloud | feeder.ro

Words by AndreiB

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