exclusive premiere: Sascha Sonido – Relax Your Soul [CUE Music]

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feeder sound exclusive premiere: Sascha Sonido – Relax Your Soul [CUE Music]

CUE Music announces its next vinyl release to arrive soon, this time with German artist Sascha Sonido being the one behind the production. Taking the listener through various house-infused soundscapes, from deep motions to dubby vibrations and properly balanced tech rhythms, “Relax Your Soul” EP features three original cuts and a remix provided by Igor Vicente. Founded in 2018 by Sven Jaeger, CUE Music enjoys an extended vinyl and digital catalogue which includes works from artists like Aney F, Dubphone, Christian Burkhardt, CL-ljudNektar Agu and Triad, to name just a few.

Sascha Sonido is well-known in the international scene for running Straight Ahead Music, for his inspiring selections as well as for his releases with Cyclic Records, Viva Music, Kling Klong, Frequenza Limited, Supdub, Snatch Records, Trapez LTD, Doppelgänger and Red Lunar Records, to name just a few labels. With an extended experience under his belt, his love and dedication for the electronic music scene are powered by pure passion, hard work and a distinct, forward-thinking vision upon modern house, techno and minimal genres.

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“Relax Your Soul” reveals a steady-paced journey, elegantly constructed with prominent percussive elements, a solid bassline, funky synth work and subtly modulated vocal samples that call for the listener to get into the mood for a relaxed sonic experience. Igor Vicente‘s remix aims for an uplifting organic re-interpretation where numerous additional effects are brought forward in order to create a hypnotic sound.

The other two tracks explore different rhythmic variations, with “Point Of View” going for a pumping ride flavoured with several intriguing variations while “Master Of Deepness” rolls with immersive background textures which evolve into a spacious breakdown that focuses on highlighting the bright tones and the carefully crafted dub nuances.

Artist: Sascha Sonido
Title: Relax Your Soul
Label: CUE Music
Cat. Number: CUE027
Release Date: 21.01.2020
Format: Vinyl

Words by: AndreiB

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