feeder sound 345 live with Floog [own productions only]

feeder sound 345 live with Floog 01

This Friday we invite you to enjoy a soothing mix of minimal and microhouse vibes recorded live by Floog at Sunwaves 27.

George Gavanescu’s solo career under the Floog alias was warmly received and strongly supported by the underground electronic music community worldwide from day one, as his solid experience as a producer and selector has been proven many times before, especially when we talk about the well-known Premiesku live act alongside Livio & Roby.

Aside from several independent releases on both vinyl and digital formats, throughout time he also collaborated with labels like Hoarder, Mulen, Desolat, Atipic, Visionquest, Moscow Records, Vatos Locos, Eastenderz, Why So Series, Tier, Botanic Minds, Bleu Ciel, Joule Imprint and Berg Audio, to name just a few. Always prepared to deliver something new to his audience, he loves to play live with his gear, elegantly blending versions of his own productions with unreleased jams and immersive on-set improvisations. Time to get groovy!

feeder sound 345 live with Floog sets sails with a warm and breezy atmosphere, perfectly matching the party vibes at Davos Beach in Olimp, on the shores of the Black Sea, where the 27th edition of the renowned Sunwaves festival took place in September last year. The rhythms slowly evolve and transform into an engaging carousel of emotions and feelings, swinging sounds and intricated arrangements. The organic flow delivers various shades of minimalistic music so adjust the volume of your speakers and enjoy the ride. Own productions only!

Carefully picked and deeply explored, here’s a fresh list with 25 minimal & microhouse releases for you to add to your vinyl or digital collection.

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Words by AndreiB
Photo: SW27

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