premiere: Entoniu & Agape – Decostruction (Robert Apetrei remix) [21th Street Records]

Entoniu & Agape - Decostruction (Robert Apetrei Remix) [21th Street Records] 01

exclusive premiere: Entoniu & Agape – Decostruction (Robert Apetrei Remix) [21th Street Records]

The next instalment in 21th Street Records‘ catalogue sees label heads Entoniu & Agape teaming up with Romanian artist Robert Apetrei for “Decostruction EP”. The material delivers an engaging sound that incorporates minimal techno and deep tech flavours, making it perfect for this summer season. As the two Italians have been frequent guests on our platform, we invite you to explore more about them and their releases here.

This week, the duo invited Enough! Music’s head chef Danilo Schneider for a steaming b2b session which you can enjoy on feeder sound as a part of our ongoing podcast series. The article also contains an extended interview with the three artists who provide detailed information about their latest endeavours in the realm of electronic music and more.

In charge of remix duties for this EP we find Robert Apetrei, well-known for his collaborative projects Dubsons and Nusons as well as for his amazing solo releases with VSA Records, Lied, Cedesciu Wax, Alter Hour, UVAR, Hashplant and NeedForSound.

While the original take on “Decostruction” reveals a solid steady-paced groover designed with a prominent bassline in focus that smoothly blends with daring arrangements and carefully placed breakdowns, Robert’s remix transforms the track into an ever-evolving composition that constantly builds tension. The shuffling percussion and the background elements create a breezy atmosphere, perfect for peak time moments as well as the afterhours at any party. “Prospective” drops and equally funky sound designed with warm synth melodies, groovy rhythm patterns and spacious breathing moments.

Grab your copy of Decostruction EP from Beatport.

Entoniu & Agape on soundcloud / facebook / instagram
Robert Apetrei on soundcloud / facebook / instagram
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Title/Label: Decostruction EP / 21th Street Records
Release Date: 14.07.2022
Format: Digital

Words by: AndreiB

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