Suolo – Stereotype EP [Aforisme]

Suolo - Stereotype EP [Aforisme] 01

Suolo – Stereotype EP [Aforisme]

After a two-year hiatus, local imprint Aforisme returns with Suolo at the controls dropping two fresh cuts elegantly packed in the form of “Stereotype EP”. The record arrives in a limited number of copies and delivers an outstanding minimal sound, just like we’re accustomed to. The label’s previous releases are signed by Dinu Pancov himself alongside artists like Alex Rusu, Qili and Root.

During the last two years, Suolo had more time to spend in the studio and therefore he brought forward several EPs through More Than Music, Maru, Winder and his own Capodopere. His style remains vibrant as he continuously explores various shades of minimal or microhouse, diving into the deep and groovy aspects of electronic music right here on this record.

On Side A we find the title track “Stereotype” laying out a warm and melancholic sound, smoothly flavoured with carefully crafted glitched layers, twisted effect and mellow atmospheres. The spacious breakdowns create an engaging effect, focusing on the complementary twists, twirls and floating pads. On the flipside “Triumf” picks up the pace a bit and delivers a solid groover, perfect for the dancefloor. The airy arrangements and the crystalline 4/4 rhythm create a vivid carousel of swinging sounds and feelings. A highly recommended 12″ right here!

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Artists: Suolo
Title: Stereotype EP
Label: Aforisme
Cat. number: AFRV007
Release date: 14.02.2022
Format: Vinyl-only

Words by AndreiB

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