feeder sound 403 mixed by Entoniu & Agape

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feeder sound 403 mixed by Entoniu & Agape 001

The Italian duo Entoniu & Agape returns to our podcast series with a steaming selection perfect for the upcoming weekend.

It’s been almost 4 years since Entoniu & Agape dropped their first mix for our ongoing podcast series and 1 year since their b2b set with Danilo Schneider. The time has come for the duo to showcase their skills behind the decks once again, so expect a steaming selection that explores various tempos, moods and feelings.

Sharing their distinct vision of underground electronic music with the world for more than 7 years now, Entoniu & Agape have surely left their mark on the scene, having numerous releases, collaborations and performances under their belt. Throughout time, their works have been published by labels such as DataTech, Introspection Recordings, Minordub, Tief Ltd, Deep Tech Records, Binaural Arts, Conceptual, Tip Tap, Frucht, Zeitlos Music, Welter, Kootz Music, DubGestion and minim.all, to name a few.

With a focus to showcase their sound as well as that of other like-minded artists, in 2020 they launched their own platform 21th Street Records which now counts 22 titles signed by themselves and artists like Alex Fuente, 2Acid, Simone Tagliabue, Radu Mirica, Dragosh, CL-ljud, Marcelo Rosselot, Eveline Fink, Robert Apetrei, Alexi Delano and Conclave, among others.

“This is a back-to-back recording from our studio in Milano, but usually, we make two DJ sets separated.”

Entoniu & Agape

feeder sound 403 mixed by Entoniu & Agape sets off with a chilled deep house vibe which gets smoothly complemented by quirky and trippy minimal techno, deep tech, dub techno and closely related styles, all flowing into a harmonious and engaging stream of sound. Adjust the volume of your speakers and enjoy!

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Words by AndreiB

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