iO (Mulen) – Bandcamp Exclusive 4

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iO (Mulen) - Bandcamp Exclusive 4

iO (Mulen) – Bandcamp Exclusive 4

Ukrainian DJ, producer and label owner iO (Mulen) returns to his digital collection on Bandcamp with the fourth volume in his Bandcamp Exclusive series, bringing forward six fresh tracks infused with various shades of house, perfect for the dancefloor.

Well-known for his intense and extended activity in the international electronic music scene but especially for his iconic Mulen Records, Aleksandr Voznichenko aka iO (Mulen) constantly delivers unique productions, immersive sets and quality contributions to the underground community. Aside from his numerous releases with his labels (including Whiteloops, Blackloops, Hoary, Hoarder, Slowdy Mowdy, Oldvibes, Winder) he also collaborated with Rawax, Infuse, Drumma, Cécille, Elarum, Eating Records, Memoria Recordings and Apollonia, among others.

Launched in 2012, Mulen Records drops amazing music in both digital and vinyl format, having an extended catalogue where you can find many artists, such as Tish, Silat Beksi, Varhat, Suolo, Livio & Roby, Premiesku, Floog, Alexis Cabrera, Jorge Savoretti, Nick Beringer and Sakro, to name a few.

“It’s Not a Problem” receives two versions, one that opens the album with a warm and groovy house sound elegantly enhanced by inviting vocal cuts and wobbling chords and one that follows up with an equally swinging sound focused on the instrumental’s variations. Next up, “Anthracite” drops a pumping and electric vibe designed with subtle acidic influences while “Nightingale” flows into modern house and funky shades with its hypnotizing rhythm and textures.

“Seduction” delivers the right ingredients in order to easily make this track a peak-time option for house music lovers and “Hereby We” closes the release with a melodic rollercoaster of solid drumming, spiralling notes and inspiring vocal cuts. A highly recommended album for collectors and selectors alike!

Grab your copy of Bandcamp Exclusive 4 by iO (Mulen) from Bandcamp.

Artists: iO (Mulen)
Title: Bandcamp Exclusive 4
Release date: 23.08.2022
Format: Digital

Words by AndreiB

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