feeder sound 287 mixed by Dragosh [WEorUS]

feeder sound 287 mixed by Dragosh 01
All aboard the minimal express with Dragosh at the controls!

Dragoș Halangescu or simply Dragosh has been our guest several times, presenting exclusive tracks and EPs on our platform as well as episode 142 of the ongoing podcast series almost two years ago. He now returns with fresh sounds and a deeper vision adapted to the troubled times we all experience right now. Living in Italy (a country that has been hit hard by the pandemic), he had the chance to spend more time in the studio during the quarantine, reflecting upon the changes that sweep through the world and transforming his feelings into intricate compositions.

Aside from his well-known productions published by Viva Music, Desolat, Memoria Recordings, Paragram, Curtea Veche, No Time For Love, Leftback and Otaku, Dragosh also runs Modvlar and WEorUS where he works with numerous other artists from around the world in order to bring forward quality electronic music for the people. Recently, with the online environment becoming a more suitable medium for new releases, he invited established and rising producers to be part of two various artists compilations released through his labels on Bandcamp.

“The time is now. This should be a right description for the set. The music was made during first wave of Covid19 in Italy and is a way forward for the mind to visualize the future. Creating own future in the present moment and impress it into a bunch of tracks, this is the global vision for the productions behind this set. Aware of the future living the only tangible reality, the present.”


feeder sound 287 mixed by Dragosh reveals a hypnotic carousel of minimal rhythms assembled by the artist this year as well as a few tracks from ROOT. Expect some serious underground vibrations, solid basslines, quirky beats and organic transitions. Perfect to get anyone into that sweet weekend mood. Enjoy with the volume up!

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Words by AndreiB

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