Idana – Swing EP [Cedesciu Wax]

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Idana – Swing EP [Cedesciu Wax]

Cedesciu Wax announces its 9th vinyl-only material to arrive soon at selected record shops worldwide. After a series of amazing releases signed by Sonohat, Robert Apetrei, Macarie, Szyszko, Dorothy’s Dream, Balinsky and label-head Lulla, it is time for Idana to join the American label’s roster with “Swing EP”, marking the beginning of a true renaissance in the artist’s career after a 4-year hiatus. Early support arrives from artists like Raresh, Sepp, Nu Zau, Priku, Petre Inspirescu and Praslea.

Born in the Dominican Republic, Idana began his artistic journey somewhere around early 2010 while living in Miami, drawing inspiration from sunsets, the wind and the vastness of the ocean. His previous productions were dispatched via Moulinet, Algorhythmic, UVAR and Drumma Records while his taste and ability to guide a crowd through a shamanic journey were spotted in cities like Miami, Brooklyn, Austin, Las Vegas, Denver, Bucharest, Cluj, Paris and Bogota.

Side A opens with “Purple Quasars”, a laid-back minimalistic composition designed with ever-evolving and organic background textures, twisted breakdowns and an overall warm feeling that permeates through the frequencies with elegance. Next up, “Talking Stream” picks up the tempo and drops an uplifting sound perfect for immersive moments in any selection. Here, the spiralling effects and pads create a bright harmonic dimension that can make anyone daydream in seconds.

On Side B we first find “The Blue Hotel” which takes the hypnotic course of A2 even further, revealing a techy cut with a swing, as funk influences are subtly added in order to spice up the groove. Closing the record, “Swing N2” lays out an amalgamation of rhythms and textures that smoothly dive into deep breakbeat and funk affairs, making this 12″ a must-have for collectors and selectors alike.

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Artists: Idana
Title: Swing EP
Label: Cedesciu Wax
Cat. number: CDW009
Release date: TBA 2022
Format: Vinyl-only

Words by AndreiB

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