2Acid – Peach Lemon and Coconut EP [21th Street Records]

2Acid - Peach Lemon and Coconut EP

2Acid – Peach Lemon and Coconut EP [21th Street Records]

The fourth release to arrive from 21th Street Records welcomes Italian artist 2Acid to unleash his uplifting energy with “Peach Lemon and Coconut EP”. With three original cuts and a remix provided by Alex Fuente, the material focuses on driving tech rhythms and deep acidic house arrangements combined, adding even more magic to the imprint’s catalogue which so far featured only productions signed by its founders Entoniu & Agape. More guests are expected to be showcased soon so make sure you follow their online channels closely for the latest announcements.

Born in 1983, 2Acid is a self-taught producer, composer, DJ and vocalist with a solid passion for electronic music which he naturally developed since he was very young. Among the publishers he collaborated with we find SK Recordings, Hawthorne Sessions, Phaze and Unbelievable Records. Joining him on remix duties for this EP there’s Natural Beat Recordings’ head-chef Alex Fuente, who definitely leaves his minimal-infused fingerprint sound on his composition.

Listen to the snippets below and let’s explore the tracks in more depth alongside 2Acid who shares his thoughts about the EP, details about the production process and what inspired him as well.

“The titles, as well as the songs themselves, are the result of what I vividly imagined in the summer of this year while I was editing the songs in the studio. I dived into some simple, minimal ideas, a swing always present on the high areas of the drums strictly 808. Lemon Head is fresh and lively. I immediately felt it as a nice background while travelling, it keeps you away from heavy thoughts. The organic and glitchy sounds distract you while you listen to it, but my interest was precisely to divert attention to that specific moment and make you light, lively, free. Coconut Ass gives me the idea that the sound has a body and moves in a sensual way. Electric and tribal, the strokes for Peach Skin roll with a bass that beats like a bongo while the synth responds with acid and beautiful vocals. The remix is very subtle and refined, one of those ideas that make you say “why didn’t I think about it?”. Extraordinary, it keeps you glued on the trip.” – 2Acid

Grab your copy of Peach Lemon and Coconut EP from Beatport or Traxsource.

Artist: 2Acid, Alex Fuente
Title: Peach Lemon and Coconut EP
Label: 21th Street Records
Release date: 24.11.2020
Format: Digital

Words by AndreiB

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