Lulla – Pacific Direct (w. Vlad Arapasu remix) [Cedesciu Wax]

Lulla - Pacific Direct [Cedesciu Wax] 01

Lulla – Pacific Direct (w. Vlad Arapasu remix) [Cedesciu Wax]

After the release of his debut EP “Torromba” through Cedesciu Wax back in 2019, Marco Santamaria aka Lulla returns to his vinyl-only label with “Pacific Direct” alongside Vlad Arapasu on remix duties. The record adds up to an amazing discography that also includes materials from artists like Sonohat, Robert Apetrei, Macarie, Szyszko and Dorothy’s Dream while early support comes from Raresh, Sepp, Nu Zau, Direkt, r.hitect and others.

Since he started working on his first tracks around 2009, Lulla has come a long way, building a solid international audience while delivering a distinct combination of minimal and microhouse in both his DJ sets and productions. Throughout time, he collaborated with numerous artists and published the best of his works on Alter Hour, Maru, Default and, of course, Cedesciu Wax. Let’s dive into his latest soundscapes and explore the tracks in more detail.

“The soothing mystery of nostalgia, tropical islands, rhythmic percussions and the sound of waves, this is Pacific Direct.”


Side A opens with the breezy vibes of “Coral Reef”, a slow-paced maritime odyssey flavoured with melodic bright pads and dreamy textures, elegantly reverberating vocal samples and lush breakdowns. There’s also a subtle melancholic feeling embedded inside the flow of the layers, making this cut perfect for the afterhours at any party. Following, “The Tempest” switches gears to a sonorous dimension where all the elements create a whirlpool of sounds that spirals into a truly hypnotic wall of echoes while the rhythm constantly maintains its energy.

On the flipside we first find the title track “Pacific Direct” surfing the sinewaves with a steady-paced tempo carefully complemented by a prominent bassline, trippy modulations and bubbling effects. Vlad Arapasu adds his own kind of magic, closing with an uplifting remix that takes the original from between the waves it swings on directly to an exotic island dancefloor. A highly recommended record right here for collectors and selectors alike!

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Artists: Lulla, Vlad Arapasu
Title: Pacific Direct
Label: Cedesciu Wax
Cat. number: CDW007
Release date: TBA 2021
Format: Vinyl-only

Words by AndreiB

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