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As autumn slowly sets in over Bucharest, we welcome the exotic sounds of Monet Mane from sunny Tunisia, elegantly dropping the proper warm-up vibes for the upcoming weekend.

Based in Tunisia, Monet Mane has been inspired by the diversity of musical instruments from an early age and focused on playing the drums and other percussions which eventually led him onto the path of deeply exploring the subtle connections between art and music. The Chicago House movement was a big influence for him, as he gradually started to dedicate more and more time to modern electronic music, changing his perceptions and expanding his vision. Nowadays, he elegantly masters the vibes from behind the decks, playing inspiring selections from the minimal techno, microhouse, funky house, deep tech and ROminimal universe that always deliver a smooth groove for people to enjoy all around the world.

Monet Mane‘s sounds can be heard on several well-known radio stations, such as Ibiza Global Radio, Cosmos Radio Berlin and Radio Flouka, with his adventures as a DJ always delivering proper vibes. All of this adds up to his activity as an AR at Bookech Sound Agency and collaborations with Tektox Collective from Tunisia. Now, let’s dive into this special selection and drift away!

“This set is an insane storytelling with very mysterious and electric sounds, with some groovy beats and ethnic vibes.”

Monet Mane

feeder sound 325 mixed by Monet Mane reveals a carousel of deeply introspective and engaging rhythms, carefully picked in order to properly warm you up for the upcoming weekend. The organic flow is powered by tracks from artists like Lulla, Fabe, Ruven Medici, Silat Beksi & Daniel Broesecke, Traumer, Chiodan, Saenz & Samos, ending with Waste Wisely’s underground gem “Tempo Reset”. What a ride! Adjust the volume of your speakers and enjoy the ride with the volume up!

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Words by AndreiB

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