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Robert Apetrei – Edge Of Time [Cedesciu Wax]

Miami-based record label Cedesciu Wax returns with its second pressing titled “Edge Of Time” signed by Romanian artist Robert Apetrei. The wax features three analogue cuts designed with minimalistic influences, blending house and techno patterns into a mesmerising modern sound journey. The 12” already enjoys support from the likes of Barac, Raresh, Rhadoo and Priku, amongst others.

Founded and curated by USA-based artist Lulla, the vinyl-only imprint is dedicated to showcasing underground minimal house and techno music. There’s a strong connection with the local scene, as the first release was delivered by Sonohat and backed-up by a remix from Cluj-based artist Macarie. Recently, the crew also organised a label night in collaboration with Avimag in Târgu-Mureș.

Robert Apetrei is well-known for his productions alongside Vlad Arapasu as Dubsons, as well as for the Nusons project, with Nu Zau joining the duo. Back in 2015, he co-founds Algorhythmic together with Vlad, releasing amazing materials from the likes of Pascal Benjamin, Cerec, Direkt, Rojid and RQZ. Following a solo career as well, his passion and dedication led him to work and release his own music with labels like VSA Records, Uvar and Alter Hour. He also regularly dispatches tracks independently on his Bandcamp page.

Side A opens with the title track, a groovy and melodic composition that will take you on a delightful journey to the “Edge Of Time”. The percussion rolls with a steady balance, while warm notes and carefully crafted synth patterns combine in order to achieve a hypnotic effect that will make you want to close your eyes and dance for hours. Next, there’s “Mascotte”, a more uplifting cut, designed with intricate glitching and a subtle layer of graininess applied to the percussion. The sounds are always on the move, making this track a very engaging one. On Side B we find the outstanding rhythm of “Windriser”, infused with playful melodies and progressive arrangements. The track provides a futuristic sound, proving that musical boundaries can be crossed and modern electronic dance music has a lot more in store for us. A must have for any collector or selector!

robert apetrei - edge of time [cedesciu wax] back

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Artist: Robert Apetrei
Title: Edge Of Time
Label: Cedesciu Wax
Cat. number: CDW002
Release date: 26.02.2019
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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