exclusive premiere: Entoniu & Agape – Virus (Radu Mirica Not Infected Remix) [21th Street Records]

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feeder sound exclusive premiere: Entoniu & Agape – Virus (Radu Mirica Not Infected Remix) [21th Street Records]

Almost a year has passed since this whole crazy pandemic thing got a hold on our planet and for sure it brought a lot of suffering and changes. The music industry got hit pretty bad as events and festivals got cancelled and artists found themselves in that position where they had to focus on the online environment in order to connect to their audience while spending more time in the studio was an obvious choice for many.

The latest material to arrive from Entoniu & Agape on their 21th Street Records imprint is titled “Insanity EP” and is definitely influenced by what is happening right now in the world. Local artist Radu Mirica joins the duo, delivering a smooth “Not Infected Remix” for “Virus”, which we invite you to enjoy in full-length exclusively on feeder sound:

“After I listened to the original track I felt like I needed to make my own version of it. Enjoyed a lot working on this remix, just find the right inspiration in the right time. Happy to be a part of this release, the guys did a nice job with it. More than that, the EP is already 23rd place in top minimal releases on Beatport.”

Radu Mirica

While the original cut dwells in the realm of minimal tech, with prominent drumming, several spacious breakdowns and deep textures in focus, Radu Mirica takes everything into a more progressive dimension. His re-interpretation adds a solid arpeggiated bassline to the story, as well as a steady-paced stripped-back percussion, subtle glitched effects and eerie pads. The final result reverberates through the frequencies with style, making this piece perfect for laid-back selections and playlists. The other two tracks are equally enjoyable, with “Pandemia” delivering a minimalistic dubby sound and “Lock Down” raising the tempo higher while introducing twisted effects, clipped vocals and a serious driving rhythm.

Grab your copy of Insanity EP from Beatport or Traxsource.

Artist: Entoniu & Agape, Radu Mirica
Title: Virus (Not Infected Remix)
Label: 21th Street Records
Release Date: 18.01.2021
Format: Digital

Words by: AndreiB

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