Lauter Records celebrate their 100th release with a series of 3 amazing Various Artists compilations

Lauter Records 100th release Various Artists series

Lauter Records celebrate their 100th release with a series of 3 amazing Various Artists compilations

For their 100th release, Luxembourg-based record label and collective Lauter Records invites friends, family and collaborators to deliver top-quality sounds for electronic music lovers worldwide through a series of 3 amazing Various Artists compilations. Starting out as a small collective hosting underground events in 2013, the venture has come a long way since its transformation into a serious imprint in 2015, bringing forward modern house and techno music that steadily gained support from established artists in the scene. Today, we’re going to explore the 15 featured tracks in more depth and see what some of the artists have to say about their experience and vision.

LR100 Part I

The 1st Part of the series was released on the 17th of September, dropping peak time tunes crafted by CVO, Najeh, Bee Lincoln, Edgar Peng and label co-curator Alex Heide. The material kicks off with “Lola’s Motility” by CVO, a wobbling uptempo cut flavoured with inviting female vocals that call for a dance, followed by Najeh’s groovy dancefloor anthem “Nova”.

“Gotta be honest with you, I didn’t have any inspiration with this. Classic blank sheet and go. This is how it turned out.”Najeh

Alex Heide’s “Vibromatic” shares elements from both techno and house genres, elegantly combined into a groovy journey that can make your body start moving in seconds, while Bee Lincoln’s “We Are So” drops a techy, acid vibe perfect for already warmed-up dancefloors.

“303-Dirtiness united with bloomy sequences on tight grooves gives me a euphoric feeling that I love to share with the community and getting smiles back or however. The music communicates in deeper telepathic senses, that’s why it is “We Are So”… complete the sentence by yourself!”Bee Lincoln

Closing, we see Edgar Peng unleashing “Retouch”, an eerie uplifting composition designed with a solid pulsating bassline, prominent drumming patterns and twisted effects. Listen to the snippets below:

LR100 Part II

The 2nd Part is focused on funky sounds and has been deployed on the 24th of September. The artists featured here are Der Nussigmilde, Daniel Meister, Ale Castro, Subliime and label-heads Alex Heide and Maximillion.

“Inspired by a few conversations I had with a good friend of mine, who is a big fan of Marion Cotillard, I wanted to put this little fan-love into a musical context. Stylistically I wanted to move towards a french-housy direction with more melancholic synths and arpeggios and fat hifi drums.”Der Nussigmilde

“Cotillard Heart Rock” by Der Nussigmilde opens the second compilation with a joyful old-school house sound perfect for any dancefloor. Everything about this track dwells in pure emotion and imagination, as well as funky shout-outs to this specific genre. Let’s get our groove on and dive deeper!

“I tried to create such natural sounds in an oriental melody, really nothing extra. I didn’t have a big plan with the music, I just wrote it out of myself, that is why it was titled “Eighty Nine”.Daniel Meister

Smooth, deep, groovy. Daniel Meister’s “Eighty Nine” encapsulates a subtle melancholy while elegantly revealing a proper afterhours groover that will definitely withstand the test of time. Ale Castro comes up next with “Boogie Bumps” and here’s what he has to say about it:

“It was a sunny day in Mendoza, Argentina… like mostly everyday there. I went to the studio wearing my pijamas, I rolled a joint and just turned on. While the joint was over this song was almost finished… but still can’t get why I called it Boogie Bumps.”Ale Castro

The mellow yet engaging vibes, plus that unique breakdown and the artist’s thoughts on it definitely tell us why (*giggles). Alex Heide and Maximillion follow up with “Ven Aqui Conmigo”, maintaining that serene feeling and going beyond, as exotic nuances inspired by jazzy melodies and funky house elegantly intertwine for a powerful and magical outcome.

“We love old-school house and we wanted to fuse the minimal grooves with a more classical melody section. Plus, when we found the vocal “Ven Aqui Conmigo” we really liked the drive it gave to the track.”Alex Heide & Maximillion

Subliime closes this VA with “Night Late”, an electric deep house cut infused with tech aspects and meandering vocals that will crawl up your skin and make you want to move no matter the time. More from the artist here:

I had another track for this album and the Lauter boys really liked but I wasn’t completely happy with the result so I decided to create something new. “Night Late” came out like a bomb of inspiration, in two days the production was ready. It’s one of this tracks that feels like it was made by itself. I’m really happy with the result and definitely, this is one of my best tunes.”Subliime

You can listen to the snippets and some of the full tracks here:

LR100 Part III

Brought forward on Friday, the 1st of October, the 3rd Part of the anniversary VA series features Katie Drover, KPO, Jakob Seidensticker & Melina, Mielafon and Maximillion, all concluding this concept with style while delivering substantial vibes for the international community, focused on deep rhythms and textures.

Katie Drover opens this story with “Beyond The Moon”, a steady-paced microhouse cut designed with introspective background melodies and inspiring variations. The tempo leaves enough room for KPO’s “Illusive” to roll into outer space and into the realm of minimal techno, while Jakob Seidensticker & Melina go fully experimental on “Response”, bringing broken beats and wayward electric samples to the game.

“What happened to my head on this track, I would, in one word, call it surrender.”Mielafon

Radiorobotek’s remix of Mielafon’s “White Night” sure delivers, as it stunningly explores solid minimal and deep tech vibes, perfect to be played at beach parties, laid-back afters and, why not, at chilled warm-up sessions. The background movements are in to take you for a ride; all you have to do is let go and drift away! Closing this remarkable gathering, Maximillion drops “Schlagzeug”, revealing a swinging take on house and electro that can easily bring up memories of the early 90s through its potent vibes and inspiring arrangements.

“This track is a homage to my days as a drummer and I really love the robot kinda 80s vocoder voice it has in it. Deep grooves all the way!”Maximillion

All in all, this remarkable output has everything a true electronic music enthusiast wants, as well as dope weapons for the dancefloor in the hands of skilled selectors. A highly recommended Various Artists series right here!

Without further ado, grab your copies of LR100 Pt. I, LR100 Pt. II and LR100 Pt. III from Beatport.

Artists: Various Artists
Title: LR100 (Pt. I, Pt. II, Pt. III)
Label: Lauter Records
Cat. number: LR100
Release date: 17.09 / 24.09 / 01.10 / 2021
Format: Digital

Words by AndreiB

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