Archie Hamilton – Resurrection, out on Moss Co. label

Archie Hamilton - Resurrection, out on Moss Co. label

Archie Hamilton releases exclusive video of his new release “Resurrection” out now on his label Moss Co.

Archie Hamilton proves why he is one of the contemporary scene’s most constantly on point artists with Resurrection, his first full EP on the essential Moss Co. label since its inception in 2013. It features two more of his classy and timeless minimal cuts and has given us all a reason to dance again.

It kicks off with the super smooth grooves of Resurrection. The melodies bring some old school flavours – they’re tightly looped and filled with warmth, emotion and neon colour, while a lead synth reaches out into the cosmos. This is high speed, stripped back deep house funk of the highest order. 

Reflection is another superbly designed tune with deft synth motifs, a killer bassline that is rubbery and warped, and razor sharp drum programming that cannot fail to get you on you toes. Add in a smart vocal sample and you have pure dance floor fire.

Archie Hamilton - Resurrection, out on Moss Co. label

“Really happy to share this wicked video for Resurrection! Directed by the amazing Conrad Gamble and shot by Ollie MacKay and Richard Bell.
One thing about the current situation is that the streets have been quieter so we were able to get some shots that we’d never normally be able to get. The result is an amazing trip through the city I call home, from day to night”.

Archie Hamilton

COMPETITION: whoever can name the most London sites from the video wins a Moscow Tee – Comment on the YT video – winner picked Friday!

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