feeder sound exclusive premiere: Simone Venanzi – Feder (Christian Burkhardt Remix) [Sonora Records]

Simone Venanzi - Feder (Christian Burkhardt Remix) [Sonora Records] 01

feeder sound exclusive premiere: Simone Venanzi – Feder (Christian Burkhardt Remix) [Sonora Records]

Istinto Records label-head Simone Venanzi returns to Lorenzo Dada’s Sonora Records with “Feder” EP featuring five original tracks and a remix from German artist Christian Burkhardt. Conceived and developed in his studio based in the centre of Italy surrounded by green woods, this release is the fruit of everything nature transmits to the artist, continuously feeding his inspiration while producing music.

Simone Venanzi had a passion for electronic music since he was young and studied rhythm and sound at the Center for Musical Studies in Rome, the Electronic Music Division, whilst DJing across Italy. Aside from his own playground and Sonora, he also published materials with labels like Kleos Recordings, High Pro-File Recordings, Strakton, Cubic Ball, Low Blow Records and Empire Music, amongst others. For this EP he invites Christian Burkhardt to work his magic on the title track, an artist truly absorbed with the range of sonic possibilities. A native of Heidelberg, located in south-west Germany, he approaches music-making with a strong focus on complex rhythms that not only move your body but rise above generic club music. He started his career way back in the ’90s and gathered a lot of amazing releases under his belt, brought forward by Oslo, Raum…Musik, Deep Vibes, Area Remote, Cocoon, Pressure Traxx, La Pena, Oblack Label, Eastenderz and his own CB Sessions.

💥 Let’s enjoy the full-length Remix of “Feder” exclusively on feeder sound:

Flowing at a steady pace, the composition reveals a spacious sound built with clear percussive elements, bright textures and melodic synth notes. The effects slowly transform the track, introducing to glitched micropatterns and twisted patterns that roll with the stripped-down beat until the end.

The EP opens with the original title track, designed with shuffling hi-hats, subtle piano inserts, flying stereo effects and sensitive deep house influences. “Mentor” rolls with lush sub frequencies, distant keys, zappy risers and addictive tom grooves while “Bubble Air” swings with firmly rooted drums, organic percussion, filtered pads and ascending tweeters. Finally, “Morning Road” pulses with a reverberated synth, groovy shakers and evolving progressive arrangements before “Cosmix Delay” closes the release with blissful chords, a dubby bassline, syncopated hats and alluring stabs. Grab your copy of “Feder” from here.


Artist: Simone Venanzi, Christian Burkhardt
Title: Feder (Remix)
Label: Sonora Records
Release Date: 13.01.2020
Format: Digital


Words by: AndreiB


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