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30 minimal and microhouse releases 001

As time went by, our EP Reviews and Exclusive Premieres columns grew larger, showcasing truly inspiring electronic music from all over the world. Here’s a list featuring 30 minimal and microhouse releases for both your vinyl and digital collections.

Whether we talk about meandering deep house, tech house or immersive microhouse groves, trippy minimal techno or straight-up driving breakbeat rhythms and textures, the international underground electronic music soundscape definitely goes through meaningful changes, as artists continue to explore beyond the limits of what the traditional styles and genres have to offer while record labels deliver fresh and inspiring sounds all the time.

This selection features works from Jay Nortown & Jacobo Saavedra aka JNJS, Ricardo Villalobos & Ferro, Triptil, Aron, Matei Tulbure & Traian Chereches aka TC Studio, Silat Beksi, Floog, Traumer, Arapu, Daniel Broesecke, userUNKNWN & Soyro, Enivrez Vous, RWN, Dan Andrei, Mihai Popescu, Cirkel Square, Etro Hahn & Herman Saiz, Oscar Jones, Jyoel, Vid, Camilo Gil & Øne+1, Bryz, Jay Tripwire & Herck, Osvit, Venda, Deku, Last Pines, Firesc, CVO and Priku, released on behalf of Movin, VBX Records, Animism, Abartik, Metereze, Tied, Enfasi, UVAR, AtipicLab, Rhanamh, Maru, Fratii.ro, Koi Series, [a:rpia:r], Provincha, Fafo Records, Sounds of Sirius, Leftback, Mate Ltd, Kontent, Concept Records, VRNT, Ambrosia Records, Saraw, Modeight, Selekt Sounds, Paulum and Eastenderz.

JNJS - Yojimbo [Movin]

JNJS – Yojimbo [Movin]

Vienna-based record label Movin presents “Yojimbo EP” signed by Jay Nortown and Jacobo Saavedra aka JNJS, marking the fifth vinyl instalment in the imprint’s catalogue. The record provides four tracks designed with both deep and uplifting grooves, making this record must-have for collectors and selectors alike.

Ricardo Villalobos, Ferro - Agglomeration of Atomised Souls LP [VBX Records] 01

Ricardo Villalobos, Ferro – Agglomeration of Atomised Souls LP 2×12″ [VBX Records]

The 7th vinyl instalment coming from Amsterdam-based electronic music collective and label VBX Records reveals four solid minimal cuts signed by Ricardo Villalobos and Ferro, two iconic names in the international scene. Titled “Agglomeration of Atomised Souls”, the LP arrives in a 2×12″ package, with one extended and immersive track on each side.

Triptil - No Rain, No Rainbow EP [Animism Records] 01

Triptil – No Rain, No Rainbow EP [Animism Records]

After a successful launch with Bexu alongside label head Whyt, London-based electronic music venture Animism Records returns with its second vinyl pressing, this time inviting Romanian artist Triptil to deliver three fresh tracks in the form of “No Rain, No Rainbow EP”.

Aron - ABATCS006 [Abartik]

Aron – ABATCS006 [Abartik]

The next sonic journey to arrive from the Basel-based venture Abartik delivers four top-notch minimal cuts signed by Dinghy’s head chef Aron. A must-have 12″ for your vinyl collection right here.

TC Studio - Fish Police EP [Metereze] 01

TC Studio – Fish Police EP [Metereze]

Romanian electronic music beacon Metereze returns with an amazing vinyl-only release in the form of “Fish Police EP” credited to the Romanian duo TC Studio (Matei Tulbure & Traian Chereches) operating under mysterious yet surprising circumstances. Designed with immersive yet engaging rhythms and textures, the record dives into unique minimal, microhouse and breaks, going deeper and beyond.

Silat Beksi - Objects EP [Tied] 01

Silat Beksi – Objects EP [Tied]

American Midwestern electronic music venture Tied welcomes Ukrainian DJ and producer Silat Beksi to its vinyl catalogue with “Objects EP”, bringing forward three sophisticated stripped-down minimal grooves that catch a perfect glimpse of the artist’s signature style.

Floog - Enfasi 003 [Enfasi Records] 01

Floog – Enfasi 003 [Enfasi Records]

British electronic music venture Enfasi Records brings forward its third vinyl pressing with Bucharest-based DJ and producer George Gavanescu aka Floog at the controls delivering four fresh cuts designed with his signature groove-driven microhouse sound.

Traumer - Cercle EP [UVAR] 01

Traumer – Cercle EP [UVAR]

Romanian electronic music powerhouse UVAR returns to its main vinyl-only series with French artist Traumer at the controls delivering “Cercle EP”, a steaming four-tracker designed with uplifting minimal techno sounds perfect for the dancefloor.

arapu - atipic lab 017 [AtipicLab] 01

Arapu – Atipic Lab 017 [AtipicLab]

After being the first artist to release his music on Priku‘s AtipicLab series back in 2018, Arapu returns to the label with two fresh cuts, marking the 17th instalment in the Romanian venture’s catalogue. This record is definitely marked as not to be missed.

Daniel Broesecke - Memory EP (w. VincentIulian Remix) [Rhanamh] 01

Daniel Broesecke – Memory EP [Rhanamh]

After a steaming debut with userUNKNWN & Soyro followed by an amazing second release signed by Balinsky, Vietnamese imprint Rhanamh returns with “Memory EP” delivered by Particular’s head chef Daniel Broesecke alongside local artist VincentIulian on remix duties.

userUNKNWN & Soyro - Prelude To Foundation EP [Maru] 01

userUNKNWN & Soyro – Prelude To Foundation EP [Maru]

userUNKNWN and Soyro team up once again, this time for “Prelude To Foundation EP” dispatched via the Australian record label Maru. Suolo, the artist behind the imprint’s first release, joins in with a remix, completing the record with style.

Enivrez Vous - Uninvited EP [Fratii ro]

Enivrez Vous – Uninvited EP [Fratii.ro]

After two amazing Various Artists compilations, Fratii.ro announces its third vinyl pressing to arrive soon in a limited number of copies with the Italian duo Enivrez Vous at the controls alongside local artist Leanca and Micro Orbit’s head chef Zenk on remix duties.

RWN - Apres L'Heure [Koi Series] 01

RWN – Apres L’Heure [Koi Series]

Next up on Re.Face’s side venture Koi Series is non-other than French DJ and producer Erwan Goudard aka RWN who drops four original fairy tales that reveal a world of extra-tight drumbeats, tangled atmospheres, hip-swinging percussions and timeless minimal techno sounds, all rolling together into “Apres L’Heure EP”.

Dan Andrei - House, stage and backstage EP [arpiar] 01

Dan Andrei – House, Stage, Backstage EP [a:rpia:r]

Since Dubtil’s “Anume EP” was released almost two years ago, the iconic Romanian record label [a:rpia:r] went silent, dealing mostly with events and festivals. Now, the wait for number 17 in the catalogue is over, as “House, Stage, Backstage EP” signed by Dan Andrei is announced to hit the shelves of selected record stores worldwide in February 2023.

Mihai Popescu - Provincha EP [Provincha] 01

Mihai Popescu – Provincha EP [Provincha]

The freshly founded record label Provincha sets sail with label head Mihai Popescu at the controls delivering four steaming tracks in the form of an eponymous EP that represents an ode to the everyday provincial life, telling the story of an ordinary day with its highs and lows.

Cirkel Square - Running Visions EP [Fafo Records] article

Cirkel Square – Running Visions EP [Fafo Records]

Fafo Records welcomes Cirkel Square to its extended catalogue with “Running Visions EP” which comes all flavoured up with steaming remixes from Vincent Casanova and userUNKNWN. Listen to the EP as part of our exclusive premiere column and get ready to be amazed by this unique sonic journey.

Etro Hahn & Herman Saiz - Looking Glass (Vid Remix) [Sounds of Sirius] 001

Etro Hahn & Herman Saiz – Stargate EP [Sounds of Sirius]

After three amazing releases signed by Guy From Downstairs, Denis Kaznacheev and Silat Beksi, Sounds of Sirius returns with its fourth interstellar transmission with the Chilean duo Etro Hahn and Herman Saiz at the controls alongside local artists Herck and Vid on remix duties.

Oscar Jones - Chi [Leftback] 01

Oscar Jones – Foundations EP [Leftback]

Leftback Records announces the next instalment in their Leftback Intercities digital series to be brought forward by Leeds-based artist Oscar Jones at the controls alongside Micallef on remix duties. Titled “Foundations EP“, LBIC012 delivers five steaming minimal cuts designed with the imprint’s distinctive low-slung minimal sound. Enjoy “Chi” exclusively on feeder sound.

Jyoel - The Power That You Are Not Using (NTFO Remix) [Mate Ltd] 01

Jyoel – Dreams EP [Mate Ltd]

Spanish venture Mate Ltd returns with its third vinyl pressing in the form of “Dreams EP” signed by Italian artist Gioele Riefolo aka Jyoel alongside JNJS and NTFO on remix duties. Based in Ibiza, the label also functions as an artist’s promotion platform and event organiser, bringing forward top-notch electronic music sounds to the people.

Vid - Red [Kontent] 001

Vid – Kontent 005 [Kontent]

Next up on Vlad Arapasu‘s vinyl Kontent is local artist Vid who drops three fresh stripped-down and low-slung cuts, perfect for the dancefloor. Arriving just in time for the winter season, “Kontent 005” definitely adds even more magic to the label’s catalogue which continues to expand and deliver top-notch sonic journeys for the people.

camilo gil, one+1 - privilege ep [fafo records] 001

Camilo Gil & Øne+1 – Privilege EP [Fafo Records]

The next forthcoming release from the Australian imprint Fafo Records welcomes Camilo Gil from Chile and the Spanish duo Øne+1 to the family, alongside Sascha Dive and Santonio Echols on remix duties. Titled “Privilege EP”, the record is dedicated to the loving memory of Octavio Gil, a true music lover and the father of Camilo Gil.

Bryz - Hmood [Concept Records] 01

Various Artists – Ethics VA [Concept Records]

After several amazing digital releases, intriguing podcast transmissions and inspiring showcase events, Concept Records proudly presents its first vinyl pressing in the form of Ethics Various Artists, featuring Romanian DJs and producers Bryz and Vern, French wizz-kid Lukea and UK’s Azire.

Jay Tripwire - The Real Life of John Merrick (Herck Remix) [VRNT] 01

Jay Tripwire – VRLTD003 [VRNT]

Canadian record label VRNT returns with its third vinyl pressing, inviting Vancouver’s techno icon Jay Tripwire to take over the beats alongside Romanian DJ and producer Herck on remix duties. B2 undoubtedly stands out as instead of getting the artist’s twisted dark minimal fingerprint sound, we’re being served a groovy steady-paced composition that strips back the original and tunes it down.

Osvit - Running [Ambrosia Records] 01

VA For Ukrainian Children – Ambrosia Records

Spanish imprint Ambrosia Records joins forces with the Ukrainian charitable foundation Voices of Children in order to raise funds for crucial psychological support for kids impacted by the war. This collaborative effort brings together a stunning collection of electronic music in the form of “VA For Ukrainian Children” signed by talented artists from all over the world, all united in their mission to aid children in Ukraine during these troubled times.

Venda - Casper [Sounds of Sirius] 01

Venda – Skeleton EP [Sounds of Sirius]

The 5th vinyl-only instalment coming from Sounds of Sirius features two original cuts signed by Venda, one of the most prominent figures in Sydney’s underground electronic music scene as well as a friend and constant supporter of the label. Titled “Skeleton EP”, the record receives two additional remixes, one signed by Point of View’s head chef Giuliano Lomonte and one by label head Herman Saiz in collaboration with local artist userUNKNWN.

Deku - Emeth [Saraw] 01

Various Artists – Lunar Cycle III [Saraw]

Saraw returns with the 3rd volume of the Lunar Cycle Various Artists series, delivering a truly immersive journey into the endless possibilities of minimal techno and beyond. The productions here are brought forward by DinAmmo, Yass, Root, Dragosh, Atmann, Mea Culpa, MarkVol, Bauch, Tsk, Diskonanzie Cogniteeba, Akute and our featured artist for an exclusive premiere, Deku.

Last Pines - Nocturnal [Modeight] 01

Last Pines – Solon EP [Modeight]

After an inspiring release from Dubfound, Ukrainian label Modeight returns with another superb 12″, this time with UK-based brotherly duo Clay and Heath Ostrer aka Last Pines at the controls. Titled “Solon EP”, the material delivers a solid minimal sound smoothly infused with deep and seductive arrangements, perfect for peak-time moments as well as the afterhours at any party.

Firesc - Unirevers [Selekt Sounds] 01

Various Artists – Various Selektions 001 [Selekt Sounds]

The freshly launched record label Selekt Sounds drops its first release in the form of “Various Selektions 001”, a unique compilation that brings together Modebaku, Vermeil, Tibi, a773, Ali Demir, Hendriks Toth, Albert Azar, IAGO, LIO, Chuwee, Anderson Chase, label head Rupert Wall and our featured artist Firesc, who opens the VA with a warm and engaging minimal sound.

CVO - Don't Stop (Friz07 Disco In Space Mix) [Paulum] 01

CVO – Secret Garden EP [Paulum]

The freshly founded events and record label Paulum sets sail with an amazing material entitled “Secret Garden EP” signed by its founder and manager Casimir von Oettingen aka CVO alongside Nick Beringer and Friz07 on remix duties.

Priku - Chicago Drive [Eastenderz] 001

Various Artists – TURKEY – Fundraising Compilation

In a collective effort to show support and help the people that were directly affected by the devastating earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria, London-based record label Eastenderz invites artists from all over the world in solidarity with the cause to be part of “TURKEY – Fundraising Compilation”, a very diverse and collectable Various Artists selection showcasing 21 tracks including “Chicago Drive” signed by Priku.

🔮 Discover 7 fresh experimental sets recorded by Xandru, Tulbure, Miss I & Paul Agripa, Khidja, Eirwud Mudwasser, Dubokaj and Lil Obeah, perfect for an extended midweek or weekend laid-back session.

Words by AndreiB

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