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Last updated on March 15th, 2019 at 09:42 am

Spring is here! ✨ The Sun shines up in the sky and the best thing to do is to have some really good music in the background and just enjoy! This Friday, our guest Daniel Broesecke is here to deliver some smooth electronic vibrations! 

Hailing from the south of Germany, DJ and producer Daniel Broesecke has been involved in the electronic music scene since 2006, playing in various clubs across Germany and Switzerland. In 2013, he decides to start producing his own music, blending minimal techno vibes with brisk and cheeky basslines, colourful synths, alluring textures and elegant arrangements. He releases his first tracks with Baile Musik and Deep Tech Records. This gained him some attention and it was a natural step to launch his own label.

In 2016 he establishes Vivus Records in collaboration with Tobi More, releasing quality electronic dance music alongside artists like Josh WicksRowlanz, Silat Beksi and Laboratori OTK. Growing and enjoying international support from well-known names in the scene, Daniel‘s love for organic sounds materialized in his decision to go vinyl-only in 2017. To mark this moment, he embarks yet another musical adventure, introducing Particular as a sublabel and dispatching amazing 12” EPs from Andu Simion and Sebastian Eric.

When mixing, the selections are like an expanded mirror to his productions, incorporating saucy minimalistic house and techno rhythms in order to create a rollercoaster of feelings and moods. He shared the decks with artists like East End Dubs, Mihigh, Herck, Senoo, Scott Kemp and Silat Beksi, with whom he also dispatched two mesmerizing EPs on Curtea Veche and his own, Vivus Records.

“For me, the groove is crucial, as well as deep basslines and dreamy pads. A set of mine should take you on a hypnotic journey.” – Daniel Broesecke

feeder sound 205 mixed by Daniel Broesecke is flavoured with deep atmospheres, melodic moments, techy percussion and solid basslines. The recording flows elegantly through engaging sounds, providing a groovy balance that will make you want to move your feet and daydream!

Recently, “Excalibur EP” signed by local artist Lumieux was announced on Particular and we are excited to exclusively premiere the title track on feeder sound. Check it below:


Daniel Broesecke on soundcloud | facebook | Vivus Records | Particular
feeder sound on soundcloud | feeder.ro


Words by AndreiB


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