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mihigh - casa vargas [hashplant] front

Last updated on March 26th, 2020 at 10:18 pm

Mihigh – Casa Vargas [Hashplant]

Italian record label Hashplant presents its seventh instalment, a mesmerizing 12” that features two fresh and hypnotic tracks signed by Romanian artist Mihigh. Titled “Casa Vargas”, the wax will take you on a journey through uncharted sound dimensions, blending minimal techno patterns with deep and experimental flavours.

Based in Milan, the imprint is known to deliver hot vinyl-only releases and enjoys massive support from many internationally known artists. Its catalogue includes names like Marco Cassanelli, Moratu, Plusculaar, Yaroslav Lenzyak, Basti Grub, Costin Rp and Silat Beksi, among others. Welcoming Mihigh and his music to the family is another statement for the label’s modern vision on contemporary electronic dance music. Dispatching amazing materials throughout the years expect nothing different from this pressing.

With works brought forward through BP Mind Series, Eliptic Records, Anbu Music, Melodrom and Trapped Ldn, Mihigh is one prominent figure in the local electronic music scene. A talented producer and DJ, his unique approach to music making and mixing blends the old sound with the new, exploring possibilities and providing alluring moments for crowds at numerous parties and festivals. A long-time presence at Club Midi in Cluj-Napoca ever since 2007, he made sure his residency there will transform into a beautiful story, one that concluded with the establishment of Midi Records Romania in 2014. The collaborations with Arapu, G76, Barac, Priku and Sepp are just a part of this legacy, as well as the memorable performances alongside tINI, Ricardo Villalobos, a:rpia:r or Marco Carola.

“Casa Vargas” stands out as a carefully┬ácrafted material, with two state-of-the-art productions that go deep into the realm of minimalistic techno, crossing borders when it comes to genres and influences. Going past the 10 minutes mark, both tracks provide complex arrangements in order to amaze and to make one get lost in hazy sounds and quirky rhythms.┬á“Tiger Lilly” unfolds as a profound composition, loaded with obscure and dark atmospheres that elegantly blend with heavy modulated vocals as the track flows and construct itself through lengthy build-ups. The percussion maintains a steady pace while the low frequencies are swept by a trembling bassline. “Going Nowhere” is actually going even deeper, incorporating intricate glitches and hypnotic textures that keep morphing in the background, creating a psychedelic effect. The driving rhythm is structured in multiple layers, transmitting solid vibrations as well as introspective states of mind.

mihigh - casa vargas [hashplant] sleeve

Grab your copy of Casa Vargas at


Artist: Mihigh
Title: Casa Vargas
Label: Hashplant
Cat. number: HPR007
Release date: 25.02.2019
Format: Vinyl-only


Words by AndreiB


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