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Josh Wicks - Grumble EP

Last updated on February 14th, 2017 at 11:05 pm

Josh Wicks, part of the gang at LDN alongside label boss Scott Kemp, is only at his second release after LDN006, but the start is promising. Born and raised in London, Josh carries with him the enthusiasm of youth and the seriousness of an experienced DJ. Vivus Records is coming from South Germany and having just been launched this year, it seemed fitting that Josh would choose such a young label for his Grumble EP.

Josh Wicks - Grumble

Grumble gets us started and the contrast here is interesting: some playful bass lines go very well alongside a somewhat dark atmosphere that is encapsulated by the percussions and the misty sounds that can be heard during the track. The remix from Scott Kemp offers a lighter and more cheerful version of the original and it is clearly more dance floor oriented. If I had to choose, I would go with the remix for a main time performance, but the original is a perfect match for an after-hours party.

The B side brings, in my opinion, the star track of this release – Golly. The most complex and uplifting track, it has a very strong bass and some enigmatic sounds that make a perfect recipe for a deep atmosphere. You can imagine this being played in the early hours of the morning, pumping energy into the public.

Gander finishes things off on a more happy tone with the fast rhythm guaranteed to make your feet move once that frisky bass kicks in.

You can pre-order at deejay.de.

Label: Vivus Records
Format: Vinyl
Country: Germany
Release date: 13.02.2017

Words by Vlad Dumitrescu

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