18k likes – thank you!

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18k likes - thank you!

Dear readers and partners,

It’s amazing to see the feeder community growing day by day. Your support is truly inspirational and it fuels us to keep exploring the mysteries and wonders of alternative, passionate lifestyles.

What happens on a usual day on feeder’s facebook? About 5 posts, with a total reach of 9.5k. Some posts will announce new feeder content, while some are there to entertain and inform. We might run a one-off ad campaign for an advertiser, but feeder never sponsors its own content and we sometimes even forget to reshare (oops!), so you shouldn’t be bothered by repetitious messages.

It’s a good idea to make sure you follow our facebook page to stay updated on:

– interesting events and places seen through live video feeds

– sparkling conversations with your favorite artists

– fresh tunes carefully put together in dazzling DJ sets

– EP reviews for all vinyl lovers out there and much more

– lists that will make you leave your house and head at home

– interesting bits about art, design, architecture, music, science and ?cats.

Thank you for being here, keeping an open mind and always stirring us in the right direction.

Much love,
the feeder.ro team.

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